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berndern15 12-06-2012 11:17 PM

Need help choosing a clutch!!!
So I need a clutch by tomorrow for my svt,Im planning on doing the install saturday so I would have to get it at cfm tomorrow,Question is what clutch should I get,I would hate to replace my clutch anytime soon,I want a good autocross/street clutch that can take abuse,full bolt on svt so cant be making that much power. Cfm offers master clutch and spec but really cant decide On what I would need........I want to get a aluminum flywheel also...

pasta 12-14-2012 04:28 PM


as far as mods if your gonna keep it stock dont get aluminum flywheel save your money

partsgeek complete kit like 330 shipped oem

FocusHero 12-14-2012 05:58 PM

i have just a basic stage 2 preformance and it works fine for me i got the clutch and flywheel + install for $1000

berndern15 12-14-2012 09:50 PM

Well im as much bpu na you can get and I want to autocross,I went with a stage 3 clutch master aluminum flywheel package.

JackRyan 01-04-2013 01:47 PM

thats a good package i absolutely love mine. except the slave cylinder they provided just gave out after a year. i read and was told before hand other people have had this problem as well. now im replacing with a ford slave cylinder and am very unhappy about it. Clutch and flywheel combo is awesome tho.

berndern15 01-04-2013 02:34 PM

Shit wish I would of know that before I installed everything lol, thanks for the heads up.

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