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mysvtf 10-30-2012 10:35 PM

Help! Timing Problems!
Well this is my first post, I've used this site to solve many of my problems, but I'm stumpped right now. This is the story, it's long but hear me out. About a year ago I had overheated the car, warped the head ect. I pulled the head off myself had the head resurfaced, valve job compression test ect. I however ran out of time and money and skipped the timing belt... (Smart I know) so not suprising 2 weeks ago the belt snapped. (side note I killed the battery while waiting for a tow) I pulled the head off again... found that I bent every valve and broke one of the valves and the piston smashed that valve into the spark plug. Needless to say the spark plug and threads for the spark plug were trash. So back to the machine shop to see if they could salvage it. Found out after a compression test there was a casting error that had expanded and the head was cracked inside the exhaust port. They were able to get a head from someone for $250 and rebuild it for another 200. Sweet! So I finally put it all together get it all timed up correct using the correct tools, jump the battery that I left dead and start it up 2 days ago. it idled fine every thing was going good I left it in my drive way for like 5 mins at idle because i know that car and i was just waiting for something to go bad. I finally drive it up and down my street then around the block. everything felt fine I was soo happy. Then I go to pull in my driveway and the car dies. (here we go again) I start it up and pull it in the drive way and it wont even idle it just sputters sounds like a dirt bike or something. I can rev it and it will sound fine but when let off the throttle it sputters and dies. I scaned the car and pulled one code timing was advanced... so now its like 10pm and I'm just super mad. I started pulling everything apart to check the timing. I put the pin in start rotating the crank clock wise it was tough for some reason. then I think. "hmm I should have passed tdc" sure enough I did, now the timing pin is belt loged in my engine, beautiful. so what could be the cause of the sputtering? this isnt the first time i set the timing. Please i work 2 jobs and go to school i really need my car! THANKS!

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