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GBPackFan 09-15-2012 12:03 AM

Timing belt questions....
OK, first off I had the original t-belt changed around 85K miles, I currently have 136K. I don't remember having the pulleys changed out or not, but nearly 50K miles is hard on my memory. Fast forward to now, I have a terrible chirping sound coming from the engine area. It starts when I turn the car on, and is significantly more noticeable when the car is at a lower operating temperature. The sound seems to be coming from the left side of the motor, in the general area of the timing and serp assembly. The sound is definitely rpm dependent, and not wheel rotation dependent. The sound is present while driving the car and continues to be audible until the car has been running at proper operating temp for about 5 minutes, then subsides slightly. I do know for a fact that this sound is NOT a wheel bearing or wheel hub going bad. As I noted, the chirping starts when I turn the car on in my driveway, gear in neutral, e-brake engaged, not rolling or moving in any way. When I increase the rpm's the chirping gets faster. I am thinking that one of my pulley's is going bad, I don't know which one. Since the t-belt has proven to be problematic for some, and prone to premature failure, I will be replacing the t-belt assembly if the cause of this chirping is determined to be a bad pulley.

Now, my biggest question is this, I changed the water pump with an OEM unit when I did the t-belt @ 85k. The gasket on the pump was real bad and leaking fluid bad, so it got changed. Since I did it @ 85k, do I HAVE to change it again? My funds on this are extremely limited, and will be doing the install myself to save money, so any cost savings will go a long way.

Also, what parts exactly should I be ordering to do the t-belt & serp-belt? Timing belt, timing idler, timing tensioner, serpentine belt, serp idler, serp tensioner, and valve cover gasket?

Dads03SVT 09-15-2012 06:31 AM

Yep....make sure water pump is not weeping it has a hole where it leaks when the bearing goes out. Ohh and check your hoses my power steering line rubbed a place in mine.

I just got all my parts in yesterday from Steve to do my 2nd one....My first one was at 86,000, just turned up 146,000 & this time i got those new grommets for the valve cover they are nearly $5 a piece.

I will also add probably 15,000 after my last tensioner was done it started a squealing on cold mornings....and would come and a new one from NAPA & a Dayco belt .
Tensioner had a wobble in the pulley.

birdman_a15 09-17-2012 11:41 AM

Rockauto sells the timing belt kit all in one. Pullies, belt, tensioner.

I would use a stethoscope first to localize the issue. They can be had for cheap at most auto parts stores and harbor freight.

z28forlife 09-17-2012 09:56 PM

Sounds like the timing belt idler pulley. But you won't know till you change it.

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