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HaveBlue83 02-12-2007 11:46 PM

"How To" - SVTF Header Wrap
I haven't seen this done yet, at least not in a way that looks nice.....

Header Wrap HOW-TO:

-Header Wrap (1 roll of 50'x2" is reccommended for 4-cyl engines) I had about 18" left over with that length
-Metal ties
-(optional) silicone spray sealant for wrap
-Hose Clamp(s)

-2 jackstands
-Breaker bar
-Sockets 8mm, 10mm,113mm
-PB Blaster
-Metal sheers

1. 8mm socket for header cover shield bolts (4 top, 2 bottom) (may need PB blaster to break free)(my bottom ones were already popped off the shield) re-attatch line after bolt is off
2. metal sheers to cut header heat shield
3. HAVE FUN cutting the heat shield to pieces…….
4. PB Blast the header attachment bolts and let soak
5. remove the header bolts and cat bolts…..10mm & 13mm…I loosened the header first, them went under and separated the cat and the header. Breaker bar for cat bolts. My cat bolts are not stick size.
6. pull out dipstick, it pills out
7. remove header from engine…I took it out from below.
8. Replace dipstick and cover manifold holes to keep dirt out.
9. OPTIONAL……I painted the top of the header with the HI temp Silicone paint to make it have a finished look….
10. Wrap the header…….Took me over an hour…have fun I used a hose clamp at the bottom of the header for the last part of the wrap to secure the two pieces together. I will check on that and see how it holds up to the heat.
11. Seal the wrap by painting with Hi-Temp silicone paint……it says that curing happens at 400 Deg. I will be curing mine by installing and running my car….I do not have an oven available…..3 coats seemed like enough.
12. install the header making sure not to smear the paint if you did not bake the header. Install is the reverse of removal.
13. install the dipstick
14. check all bolts for tightness once again
15. start car, and let it cook off all the header wrap residue and paint…it WILL SMOKE a LOT. As in tremendous amounts of SMOKE.....
16. I have driven the car for a day, and it has stopped smoking, but it smells from time to time like it’s burning off. I can now touch the headers without burning my hand. Under hood temps have def been reduced.

the car still smells a lil bit, and it has been a few days baked on nicely though.



Nice, shiney header heat shield:

bolt removed to allow repositioning of P.S. line (so I wouldn't cut it with the shield):

bending shield to remove:

Metal sheers:

underside......need to cut here:

Popping the rivets off the sides of the shield.......almost there....

it's OFF!!!!! and it looks hideously ugly....

well, it's in one it for the collection....

remove header from cat and engine block........pretty simple....

wrapping the header......have fun, it takes a bit....I had about 18in left over when I was finished....

showing the amount of overlap I used.....

I did it in this order:

I had to cut the one area by the lower bolt to get the wrap to lay flatter on the header....

That is the header I silicone painted it to seal it.....
I did 3 coats:

1-2 coats:'s almost a powder, so you have to be carefull not to smudge the paint....I held it by the wrap......
nice and pretty.....

next I reinstalled it....and this is the result [:)]

view from below:

so...HOW MUCH does it smoke??????

like THIS for 10 min.......

It took me 5-6 hours, taking my time, not messing up, doing it correctly.......

have fun [:)]

Moe-van1 02-13-2007 03:06 AM

looks great but, I heard that your header can rust faster with it in that condition if you wrap them up?..

I am really tempted to do this considering my heatshield has been off for some time

CrazySVT 02-13-2007 06:47 AM

yeah i'm doing that this spring...cant wait clean the motor and then the header wrap

1turbofocus 02-13-2007 07:59 AM

If you will put the wrap into water about 10 min before use you will find it will wrap a lot tighter and easier to use


scrammer 02-13-2007 08:09 AM

the water method does simplify the install as well as taking about half the time. when i wrapped mine, first i grinded the shield mounts off. it looks waay cleaner. take a look in my gallery. i am going to redo mine when warmer weather hits. though, this time i am getting the black wrap. ihave my orp wrapped as well, but no pics sorry.

xmillsx 02-13-2007 08:17 AM

wow i have to say im impressed, that looks really good. ill most likely be taking that route in the spring.

WD40 02-13-2007 11:21 AM

Nice write up! [thumb]
Keep the extra hints coming as well folks, like the soaking the wrap in water comment.

So, what color did the silicone paint turn after it got heated up?
Man, that was a lot of smoke! [eek]

03cdfsvt 02-13-2007 11:23 AM

Does header wrap really help or no?

svtguy21 02-13-2007 11:28 AM

well i can put it this way after i removed the heat sheild i couldn't even touch the header(why would i try>because i did), after the heat wrap i could place a finger on it(yes i tried it again) i held in the heat enough for me to put my finger on it

b16sir1991 02-13-2007 11:32 AM

That is one thing i agree with Tom on, you need to soak each piece in warm water before you wrap the header. It will wrap alot tighter and conform smoother. Very good write up though. It will steam for a good 20 mins after youre done.

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