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boardgeneration 09-27-2012 07:15 PM

Power Door lock/window/mirror swap HELP!
So after spending way more than I'm finding it worth it, I decided to start looking into installing my power door project. I got a Chassis harness, door harness, power lock actuators and interior handles, as well as window and door switches.
I wanted to start with just the locks for now as I still need window motors.
Mind you I have an 05 ZX3 S..... No power anything! There wasn't even a relay or switch for fogs so I hard wired them.

Ok, so I took off the dash under my steering and pulled the black junction box (not sure what it's really called) that snaps into the side wall under the kick panel. Looking at the new chassis harness I got, I noticed there are a lot more pins than there are on the harness coming through the firewall.
I have a Central Locking Unit I noticed so why isn't there wiring for locks and windows on my harness? I also noticed the unit was obviously changed out for one from an 06 as it was written on the front with wax pen.
Does anyone know if the S model is truly "stripped down" without wiring at all for power windows and locks. There are fuses in the fuse box for both, WTH! I need help or maybe I'm better off putting all my parts up for sale![?|]

FocusontheZX 09-30-2012 10:35 PM

My 03 ZX3 was very similar. Mine came with no power options, and I swapped mine to power everything in one shot. Got my harness, locks, handles, regulators everything from an 03 svt. Everything ends up being plug and play. They have two different wiring harness' that run from the junction box back (to the tails, across the car under the seats, etc.) One has wiring for every option, and one has wiring for none. The harness that goes under the dash itself is the same in all the cars, regardless of the options. So its should just be a simple as switching the harness, and plugging in your accessory options.

boardgeneration 09-30-2012 10:46 PM

Thanks for the reply!
I guess I will have to look again. When I unplugged my main harness from the dash harness at the junction box, the new main harness had pins in spots not wired on the dash harness plug. That's what don't make sense to me because there are fuses for power windows front and back even tho I have a 3 door. Than there's fuse 63 on the back of the inside fuse box for power locks. I haven't looked but I'm sure it's wired as well. I will have to dig a bit to see where the wires go.
If anyone else has any tips or experience with this please chime in. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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