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CousinVin 04-21-2011 09:34 PM

Sedan Seat Options?
My interior is... well... to me the most ugly color possible. everything is the light brown/beige color, and for some reason the factory dash is a shade darker than everything else. Way to go ford. SO in my endeavor to at least be happy with my own car, I want to swap the seats out. I plan on changing everything to black. I want to either paint all the trim black, or swap it all out for a black trim, but the seats are a bit trivial. Will SVT seats fit the sedan, no problem? I know the latches for the back seats are in different places, but that could be fixed.

Also, do the stock seats just wire right up? I do not have heated seats, but there is still a wire bundle going under there. For what, i have no clue.

mikebontoft 04-21-2011 09:48 PM

gross I hate the brown color...... hated the gray too, that's why I painted my stuff and got SVT seats. no they don't wire RIGHT in, you have to poke around for a bit (informed poking please! it has side airbags. don't wanna ruin your new seats) or just splice some wires together instead. Just make sure you know what goes where.

The same would have to be for the heated seats though. No switches in the car. I'd have to find out what powers what and make my own buttons. I would recommend directly swapping seat belt latches though. and also the seat position sensor. I know there's more info on it, just touching on some bases.

make sure you do real good prep if you paint it though. I didn't do it all that well and it does fade once in a while.

CousinVin 04-21-2011 11:48 PM

Any tutorials? And can i just put some different clips on the rear seats to make them fit?

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