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MVAuto 10-01-2010 01:53 AM

Seats and Gauges
I'm in need of some new seats. Well most of the interior really. I want to change up to a darker color as my 2000 ZX3 has the really dirty looking light grey interior. I'd like to go SVT but my car is blue and for some reason blue/black is next to impossible to find. I'm also looking at finding a set of black/grey set from another zx3. One kinda crazy option is maybe finding a set of seats from a Mazda 3 as I know they share many parts but interior I'm not so sure. I've also thought about finding a black leather set from a ZX5 but don't know they will fit. Figure I'd see what you guys thought. I've thought about seat covers but custom fit ones cost almost as much as having a local shop redo them.

Second thing I'd like to mod is the gauges. I know the later models came with a silver face gauge set but I'm curious if anyone knows if this is something I can just buy and install with modification or not?

I recently got my focus back from a family member who was nice enough to take over the payments when I lost my job a few years ago but they are smokers and with the light grey interior its just a mess. I have to replace the passenger seat because there are springs coming out. This isn't a show car but I'm trying to make it look nice again. Any help would be great. I missed my focus and happy to have it back!!

2000 Focus ZX3

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