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bowersdaazian 08-14-2004 09:23 PM

SVT guage cluster
I have a 2004 PZEV, and i want to get a better looking guage cluster. So since my friend has a SVTF, i have seen the guage cluster inside his car, and want to get a similar one. Would it be a direct plug-in onto my existing space? (besides the two extra guages)
The reason i want a new cluster, is because the SVT has those two gauges on the right side (us reg. foci have a cubby there). And i like to have the oil pressure there as well as the other guage.
thanks in advance.

S2 08-14-2004 09:27 PM

To date I haven't read or talked to anyone that actually got those to work. From what I know, you can't get the auxilary gauges to work in a non-SVT focus.

S2 08-14-2004 09:27 PM

I suggest checking out Speedhut gauges, definitely the best out there plus they let you customize them to what you want....

bowersdaazian 08-14-2004 09:32 PM

well the reason i want the SVTF ones is because they are white already, and have the two extra guages (main point of interest). but if no one can set them up without professional help, then yeah i guess il just stick with my stock ones. Speedhut is good(really good), but expensive.

S2 08-14-2004 09:43 PM

You can check around on here just to make sure but I read quite a few posts that basically the person with the 'extra' gauges basically just gave up with it.

FocuzdZX5 08-18-2004 05:58 PM

I don't see why you can't get them to work. They work in the SVT, it is just a base ZX3. You will have to get an oil pressure switch and line. Use this how to, but just use the SVT guage. The oil temp should be about the same. Not sure where that sensor would go. Anyone??


oops, just read you have a PZEV. Well there should be places to add the sensors.

crazy_urn 08-18-2004 06:10 PM

hooking up the 2 extra SVT guauges should be just like hooking up the same two aftermarket guages. it might be a hassle, but it should be do able.

as for the guage cluster itself, i believe i have read that is simple plug and play. (but the new cluster will have the incorrect milage)

FocuzdZX5 08-18-2004 06:39 PM

The SVT oil temp and pressure cluster is separate from the main cluster. So it should not be a problem, just need the cluster and bezel.

2002_zts 12-13-2006 02:28 PM

I have the SVT aux guages, but to this date have not hooked them up. I have not been able to find the wiring harness to plug into the back. now i dont care about functionability, i just want them to be lit. anybody know which pins are for the lights so i can just solder in some power and ground wires for the lights to work?

san diego, CA

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