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sunnee_boy 12-21-2012 03:57 PM

newbie here in need of aknowledgement
hey every one. apparently i signed up here over a year ago, made one post and never came back. i probably was working on my camaro and decided to focus on that. anyways, i am back and am ready to take in all your knowledge!

i inherited my grandfathers 2002 focus SE with the SPI in it when he passed away. not the best car to inherit, but better than what most get i suppose. any ways, i did a little work to it way back but its all cheap shitty mods and am looking to upgrade it to keep up with modern cars. so far i have a home made SRI that works ok but throws a CEL when at WOT and i also have the springs clamped to help with the corner sway. oh and i cut the resonator and muffler out and have an aftermarket can on now.

now onto the plans.
this is in no particular order, just how i listed it in my phone and the prices i found them for (let me know if you know of a cheaper alternative or better part for similar price)

~strut tower brace $40

~Cat back exhaust (does not include muffler) $125

~lowering springs (to eliminate my clamps that suck and are terrible for the car) $50

~MSD coil + msx90 plug wires $150

~possible mustang TB if i can figure out the adapter plate everyone says i need...

i thought about getting an SCT eliminator chip for it as i dont know much about programing but know i will eventually need a slight tune for it.

let me know what you guys think and maybe any other slight tweeks i could do to it. now that i have a second vehicle, ican work on this all summer if needed, so time to start gathering parts.

Ps, i wouldnt mind a mild body kit as my fiance hos now put a nice dent in the rear fender and the front fender along with scraping both to hell.

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