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jlawlax1344 11-02-2012 03:51 PM

Camshaft specs...FINALLY!!!
To anyone curious or trying to replace or get an aftermarket cam for their SPI, i did some research and talked to some buddies in the machine shop and finally have specs for the cam!!!

at .050 lift it has a duration of 186 degrees for the intake and exhaust and it has 134 degrees of lobe separation.

Aftermarket options: the only ones i really found are from
then select the 74-87 2000cc-2300cc SOHC engine and viola!!!!!
you now can order cams from a basic upgrade to major head work and swap for mechanical roller cams for drag racing (yes it sounds weird that this is the engine, but talking to friends that have worked on this engine and getting specs and talking to crane cams, these should fit perfectly into out engine with the obvious springs, retainers, lifters, and keepers upgraded!!!!)

amc49 11-07-2012 04:12 AM

Unless I am crazy that is a nonsensical lobe separation number, the range is generally from 100 or so to around 115...................

You have also picked wrong motor in Crane catalog, that SOHC is the old Pinto-Mustang II engine for RWD. Totally different engine with no common parts. Note the cam followers pictured on right hand page, The SPI uses rocker arms and lifters, not followers and lash adjusters. I used to work on those engines, I assure you those parts do not fit the SPI........

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