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shananigans89 09-30-2012 06:09 AM

piston and rod upgrade question
ok, so i'm in the Army deployed in Afghanistan right now and i'm working on plans for my svt when i come back. its got a bit over 101k miles and i bought it at 91k so i don't know the history of it. from the repairs i've done so far, whoever previously owned it didnt know car maintenance at all (purchased from a guy who bought it at an abandoned car auction).

as for right now, im planning to stay NA. i want this car to last a long time and have more power, so i'm thinking i will upgrade pistons and rods when i come home with a little extra deployment money. i've been looking at this kit:

however i'm not sure what compression ratio to go with. any advice would be great.

also, if i do this i'm thinking of replacing the head gasket as well with one of these:

however again, i'm not sure what numbers and measurements to go with.


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