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calebstubstad 09-24-2012 09:54 PM

leds in headlights
hey guys, been looking around and i can't seem to find an easy, or well any way really to put some leds in my headlights. I just want one or 2 in my stock housings so I can flip a switch at dusk and have some exterior lights to math my interior setup. If any of y'all know a way, please let me know, and pics are always nice :) considering earlier I couldn't figure out how to even pull my bulb out, but I can do wiring so that's not a problem

Blue5ive 09-24-2012 10:42 PM

There are a number of places you can get leds such as Vleds, Superbright Leds, JdmToy etc.... Just google and you'll find them. Guessing you still have stock lights. If you want them in the housing you you will need to separate the front clear housing from the body. This usually entails baking the headlights one at a time in an oven at around 275 for about 5-7 minutes or so. Its long enough to soften the sealant but not melt or crack the lights. I just used a heat gun and started at the outside top corner and worked my way around. Once apart you need to remove the rest of the sealant so when you seal them back up you can get a good seal. The inner chrome bezel comes out. At this point depending on what leds you got and how they mount you can put them in the housing and then run your wire. Then once your done with that part just reassemble and reseal your lights and hook up the power.

calebstubstad 09-25-2012 07:48 AM

I have a hew surface mount leds from oznium, so theyre tiny and have ribbon wire from them, and was curious if I could do it without splitting the headlights, and more so just like removing the bulb or something? which I also have no idea how to do that either

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