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brown_fern 09-13-2012 06:14 PM

Can't shift into 5th gear...Please help!
Hi Everyone,

2000 Ford Focus LX
Manual Transmission
VIN: 1FAFP33P9YW430012

I replaced my shift linkage because it broke right about the same time I changed out my engine. Everything was fine until a few months ago 5th gear started grinding and being difficult. Now it won't shift at all. I've tried re-adjusting my shift linkage but that hasn't helped. I tore out the whole shift linkage and re-installed it and everything looks good. I'm pretty sure I need a new transmission. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th shift without a problem.

1. I believe I have the IB5 transmission (can someone confirm this with my vin or car info above?)
2. Anything else I can check before I jump the gun on a worn out synchro and replace the tranny?
3. What trannys will fit into my car? (I'm hoping not just the IB5).
4. Anyone selling one?

Anyway thanks for the help ahead of time.


brown_fern 09-14-2012 07:47 PM

I was ableto locate some of the answers to my questions. I figured I post them here in case anyone finds themselves in my shoes some day.

1. It is an IB5 transmission. You can actually use the site below to determine that:

I also called FORD and gave them my VIN# and they said I have the XS4Z-7002-DE

2. Before taking the tranny out I figure I'll pull the check engine light code to see if it has anythign to do with the shift solenoid.

I'll probably check the fluid to make sure everything looks good.

3. Looks like its the XS4Z-7002-DE (But not sure if others can be used).

4. Still wondering???? :)

Thx again,

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