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Condor945 07-22-2012 03:16 PM

SPI Rebuild
I literally just got my rebuilt SPI started up about 30 minuets ago. Took it for its first drive to start the break in process and it runs great, except at an idle. When it idles high its good, but when the idle drops the motor kind of chugs and has a hesitation to it. Twice it has died at an idle and it is a little stubborn to restart, but it does.

Guess I'm curious if anyone else experienced this after a rebuild... Or if anyone has thoughts on what I should do. The battery was out for two weeks so I don't know if the PCM just needs some time to remember what's going on or...

Any suggestions, thoughts, or ideas would be appreciated.


focusauto01 07-22-2012 05:07 PM

Seems like a spark or fuel issue. But I would wait for someone else to chime in on this thread and read and learn from their opinions because I'm interested in knowing for sure.

Condor945 07-23-2012 08:44 PM

Well just to clarify on what I'm experiencing... Overall the car runs and performs very well. There are no weird knocks or noises. Drives great and just like it did before the rebuild. What is occurring seems to be a little random. It has not done this to me while driving, but only when it's idling in my garage. The car has a high and low idle. High idle is fine (like on a cold start) but when it warms up and idles down it had a hesitation. Not a misfire, but like a lack of fuel, spark, or air and just has a little shutter. I can hit the gas and it'll go away, but comes right back when it idles back down. Twice now when it's just been idling in my garage it has died after one of these shutters. Just bogs down low, dies, but I can fire it right back up. Then after restart it'll still idle a little rough, but not die even after letting it idle for 10-15 minutes.

With the rebuild the spark plugs, wires, and ignition coil pack were all replaced. I never had an issues that were fuel related before the rebuild so I don't think it would be that. Could a vacuum leak cause this? Or the fact that the battery was out for two weeks cause the PCM to reset in which it just needs time to relearn the car? Any suggestions?

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