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michael3442 07-11-2012 06:08 PM

Won't turn over when hot outside!
My 2000 Focus won't turn over when the sun beats down on it for awhile. The car can have a cold engine but a hot exterior and interior. It will start after sitting with the hood open for awhile. Here's what I've tried or observed:
- doesn't turn over,
- the fuel pump fires up normally,
- all electrical components work (aside from starter)
- has to sit in direct sun at around 85* or more,
- jumping doesn't help,
- working the auto shift lever back and forth doesn't help,
- the engine can be cold and not driven and this still happens,
- relays in black box click & produce other responding clicks from elsewhere,
- I don't think the starter relay/solenoid engages, there's a couple of soft clicks from somewhere; I would expect the starter solenoid to be louder.

Like I said, I've looked at the relays in the big box under the hood and the "engine management" relay will trip something else when I take its cover off and trip it with my finger (how do you pull the full relay out - just my covers come off exposing the innards? I was going to switch the four identical relays.).

Give it your best shot and thanks!

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