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J0EC00L 11-07-2011 10:35 PM

Spi to zetec
Here is a list of everything that I came across doing the SPI to Zetec swap

Zetec Engine ($375 from junkyard with 70k on it)

Different alternator ($100 bucks on ebay new)

Different power steering pump ($80 bucks new) and high pressure line ($55 bucks new) to pump

A/C compressor will work if flipped over.

Exhaust manifold and Cat and Flexpipe($35 bucks new on ebay) - I used a OBX header and down pipe ($165 new on ebay), If you do this you will have to have the cheat on the rear o2 sensor. Also if you go with OBX header you will need the coupler for the egr valve pipe where it connects to the header. I got mine at the Ford dealer for $10 bucks.

Auto to Auto Transmission is the same, Torque Converter is the same, FLEXPLATE IS DIFFERENT(junkyard $40 bucks), the Zetec flexplate has nubs for the sensor that the SPI did not have.

Transmission sub harness needs changed to Zetec transmission sub harness for the plug going to the sensor that is not on the SPI

Engine sub harness should come with the motor you get if you get a junkyard motor

Passanger side motor mount ($20 junkyard)

Throttle cable and Cruize control cable ($50 bucks for both at junkyard) - both have different ends to motor.

Main Harness that goes from the engine bay to ECU and Passlock(i think thats what its called) then to shifter and back to fuel tank, needs changed, it goes through the hole that you cant see up under the passanger side kickpanel

Computer and Passlock module Get the keys from the car you get the computer from!
(I spent like $300 for the ECU Pass and harnesses)
Fuel line with regulator ($20 bucks junkyard). It goes from the Zetec intake to the fuel line on back wall. The SPI connections are different.

Air intake tube. I bought the K&N cold air intake($165 new on ebay) made for the focus, it has the MAF sensor mount on it which makes it nice.

Serpantine belt ($20 bucks)

Various cooling system hoses.

I dont know if the Coil is the same because I bought the MSD coil and Massive wires ($135 new on ebay)with Accel silver plugs($40 at Summit). Dont ask why - I just thought it looked cool.

The swap is a piece of cake! Me and a buddy would have had it done in just a couple days if we new all the info mentioned above prior to start.

I did research and found most of it but a few things were left out which caused extra time.

If you are thinking about it. Just do it! Its not that bad at all.

I think I covered everything. Check the timing belt before you put it in just in case it needs changed. Become familiar with all sensors and connections on motor so you know where everything goes before hooking up. I looked at many Focus under the hood and took pictures and videos of engine bays to figure out where all the plugs and connections are. Also I got the Haynes manual - it helped.

I might have missed something but I cant think of anything else now. I have about 2K into the swap.


J0EC00L 11-12-2011 09:24 AM

Pulled an all nighter and got it all done.

Me and a buddy did the whole swap in about 16 hours.

Started right up and runs perfect with no CEL! Woo Hoo

One issue after it ran for a bit, my brand new alternator bearings went out. Now got to replace the alternator while engine in car, UGGG!

Anyone needs any advice let me know. I know it like the back of my hand now.

One more thing for anyone doing it. Get the key for the Zetec computers car your using. You will have to take your key hole out and pull off the black ring with a plug going to it and then stick the key that matches the computer through the whole and you can tape it up and put it back together. This will allow you to start the car with your key that fits the ignition hole. Then you can drive to the ford dealer and put the ring back on the ignition and have them program your keys to the new computer.

One more thing, AC compressor does fit if flipped. Lines were so tight that I decided to get the Zetec AC compressor. You will save yourself a big headache just getting the Zetec AC compressor.

Have fun and good luck!

J0EC00L 11-13-2011 02:31 AM

Replaced the new alternator and after replacement I spun the first alternators pulley and it was spinning freely again.

I wonder if it tightened up after it got warmed up?

Would an alternator do that? Get hard to spin the pulley when it gets warm?

The poor engine performance ended up being a vacuum leak. Once we found it it is almost perfect except for a little shaking at low rpm(no throttle) as soon as you give it a touch of gas it is as smooth as silk.

We are going to try a new IAC.

Any one have any other ideas?


Als RS8 11-15-2011 05:20 PM

talik to bronco boyhe knows all about zetec swapshe will give you alot of good information but man thats cool you already got it done but you still should talk to bronco boy

o and heres a picture of my new wheels brakes swapped and everything

drunkyoda 11-15-2011 05:31 PM

bronco boy doesnt know that much about the zetec... he did an svt swap...

also the zetec engine is known for idling rough down low... get a tune. it solves it pretty much.

with the alternator i would assume it was a bad one... it is off ebay however.... also how hard was your belt to put on?

J0EC00L 11-16-2011 04:52 PM

With the new ebay alternator it was easier to put the belt on.

With the junk yard alternator it was harder to put the belt on.

My tranny is next. Im getting a Lentech.


02_z_x_3 11-25-2011 06:42 AM

So you have more in a zetec swap than I do my svt swap. I bought everything to do a svt swap for $1225 and had $400 in a shell and had everything to do a spi to zzetec swap for the cost of programming keys. Good job though. How do you like it so far?

J0EC00L 11-25-2011 11:53 PM

Well I did buy some extras that I could have saved on.

OBX header
MSD Ignition

Thats $500 right there.

J0EC00L 11-25-2011 11:58 PM

Oh yea, car runs great. Couldn't be happier and the best part was doing it myself, with a buddy's help. I haven't worked on a car since I was 20 and that was 20 years ago. I am impressed with the increase in power over the SPI.
But now I am on to building a new Zetec from ground up. Turbo charged. Forged rods and pistons, ford race head, and more. Cars getting a primo paint job next while I build the motor.

J0EC00L 11-28-2011 01:39 AM

Now if I can just get the power steering line above the header to be parallel with the top of valve cover it would look perfect[grinking]

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