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SVT Performance (2002-2004) The place to chat about any 2.0L SVT DOHC Zetec engine performance, tuning and exhaust related upgrades.

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Old 03-18-2007, 06:14 PM   #71
127 Boy
Focus Enthusiast
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Join Date: Jul 2004
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Location: Portugal
What I Drive: Focus ST170

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1. Tom
2. predator for ST170 (european svt)
3. 375 + shipping to Portugal
4. a weekend
5. Great improvement over the original. Pulls better at 2000, and even better after 3500. Changing gears is also WAY BETTER. The bog is gone, but I still have a bit of surging between 1600 till 2000 and it is hanging revs when you depress the clutch. I´ve not tried the top speed yet, but it´s really easier to reach the 230kph.
6. For now I give it 7/10. When my issues are fixed, I give 9 out of 10. The tune is great, tom´s shipping, answers and support is also a positive sign of quality. I think there are very few Europeans with tom´s tune, but I definitly recomend it.
This tune overwhelms the original.
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Old 03-27-2007, 01:54 PM   #72
Focus Enthusiast
Join Date: Oct 2004
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Location: Jackson, MI
What I Drive: 2008 Cosmic Blue Mazdaspeed 3 Sport

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FF Reputation: 1 KahunaB14 Good Standing Member
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1. Tom
2. Predator
3. $395 shipped
4. 1.5 days
5. Wow! This tune rocks. A little history: I have had multiple waynes Xcal1 tunes & mutiple custom dyno tunes and none of them had the whole package like Tom's. Tom's has the most power, the smoothest driving, smoothest power delivery, no bogging, awesome exhaust note. I had him tune for my only mod, and RT HFC and I have to say it feels like a completely different car.
The only problem that I had is this: After installing it last night I took it for a spin and I had detonation/pinging between 4,800 and 5,500 rpms at about 85%-100% full throttle in 2nd and 3rd gear. I notified Tom about it and he was looking into it but I have been driving it all day, same conditions, and the deto is gone. I do not know whether it is just a temporary thing and will come back to bite me or whether the ECU just needed soem time to learn the tune or what.
6. Tom PM'd me right back when I needed him so good customer service.
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Old 07-19-2007, 07:24 PM   #73
Focus Enthusiast
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Location: Texas
What I Drive: 2003 Black SVT with 24K

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1. Tom's Tune
2. Predator
3. 375
4. 1 Week
5. 15 Minutes to install (plus 15 minutes of reading ahead of time). Very nice improvement. Much, much better low-end power. Reduced bog and surge. Funny, car even runs well with A/C on now. RPM at idle (stop lights) with A/C and stereo (two amps) running used to fluctuate and sometimes made the battery light come on briefly--not an issue any more thanks to the tune. Exhaust burbles now when I rev and release--sounds great.
6. Tom was nice but it took and entire month after I sent the money order to get the tuner. No complaints now that the tune is in the car!
7. Focus-Power
Black 03 SVT w/27K, VF Rear Mount, Ford Racing STS, Tom's Tune, K&N drop in, 9MM Ford Racing Wires.
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Old 10-08-2007, 07:18 PM   #74
Focus Rookie
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Location: Atlanta, GA
What I Drive: 2004 Silver SVT Focus

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FocusSport Tune

1) FocusSport's tune, Randy worked on it I believe (

2) SCT XCal 2 Flasher

3) I paid $250 for it used

4) Ive had it for a couple days now

5) The installation was a breeze. The flashing process took about 10 min, and then I let it idle for another 10. The first thing I noticed when turned it on is that shes running smoother and quieter. Well, I should say, the engine is smoother, the exhaust is quieter. I'm not sure if I like that second part, but it didnt matter once I started driving. If youre expecting a kick in the pants, well dont, thats not what this is. However, the car is noticeably faster, with more low end power (under 2500 rpms). This wont give you a 5 sec 0-60, but what it will do is completely eliminate the bogging in launches and get you up to speed much faster. The car just smoothly shoots off the line with no drama. The DPFE stumble is gone, gear lash is greatly reduced, throttle engagement is much smoother, rpms climb faster in acceleration and fall faster in shifts, the list goes on... But heres the best part: Before, during normal driving, the speedo needle would just stop climbing during a 3000 rpm upshift. Not anymore. The speed just keeps climbing during the shift, like it should. This is proof to me that theres more low end power being made. Overall worth every cent because the car is simply more entertaining to drive now, period.

6) I haven't talked to Randy as of yet (haven't had to)

7) No dyno

One more thing. A buddy is taking me up this weekend to meet Wayne Foy. I may go ahead and give Wayne's tune a try while Im up there. If I do, edit this post and do a comparison of the two.
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Old 12-15-2007, 12:17 PM   #75
Focus Addict
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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Location: Seattle, WA
What I Drive: '03 Black/Red Flake SVT #1218

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Buy-Sell-Trade Rating: (5)
1) Focus-Power Get your's today!

2) DiabloSport Perdator

3) ?? XMas present from my wonderful wife

4) Got it in today

5) Installing the tune was cake. Took about 20 min once I found the connector under the dash. Yeah I don't notice to obvious too well. Anyways. The first thing i noticed was the exahust tone when I stared it up. WOW momma! Then the idle drops a bit sooner than the fac. tune. I never liked the sound of my focus. We bought it used and the exahust had been hacked up. It was 99.7 decibles, so I bought the borla cat-back. I liked the sound a lot better, but it still wasn't too entertaining. But this, this is awsome. Next I noticed that the dash lights weren't surging. So then I went for a drive. Throttle response was awsome. No lag at all. Low end power is much improved. Then I went to an area where no one was and opened it up. HOLY CRAP! I knew the focus was quick, but now it stinkin rocks. I didn't come close to redlining it. To be honest I was a bit nervous but maybe when I et used to driving it I will go for a stroll on the autobahn to see what she can do.
6) from what Jammie says, Tom is very professional and a pleasure to do business with.
7) The only dyno I have is the Butt Dyno. I can't get a printout though. It is still puckered up and hiding in there somewhere from my little drive this morning......
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Old 01-16-2008, 05:59 PM   #76
Focus Enthusiast
Join Date: Jul 2004
Fan#: 10592
Location: ABQ, NM
What I Drive: 2004 SVTF/EAP Screaming yellow ZX5

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FF Reputation: 1 SVTF'nGR8 Good Standing Member
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1. C-F-M linky

2. SCT XCAL 3 (yes, 3)

3. $400. (thanks Santa!)

4. 2 weeks

5. A breeze to install, plug it in to the obd port and follow the simple onscreen directions. After a few turns of the ignition on and off, I got an error message stating that it failed to store my stock tune. Uh Oh!
Turned everything off again and unplugged the XCAL.
Started over with the same set of ignition on/off sequences and this time the stock flash was saved with no problem.
Next, the unit asks if you want to install the pre-loaded tune? Hmmmm........Uh, Yes!, and away she went.
After that, shut ignition down and unplugged XCAL3 once again.
Time to start her up.................ignition, start vroooooooom!
Right away she stabilizes at under 1K rpm without spiking above that! A nice mellow rumble in the exhaust note. Tap the throttle, and the intake sound is noticeably louder, and definitely more responsive.
Driving, she feels very good. No more stumbles coming through the mid range! In high gear on the hwy she is still pulling up hill. It's not that she is a whole new animal, but again noticeable changes, and definitely for the better.
What seems like a surge comes on strong at about 3500 and up.
It's not only noticeably more powerful, but it runs smoother and better than stock. If anything it makes it much more drivable than the stock tune in my opinion.

6. C-F-M is always awesome to me. (hurry up with your SVTF turbo kit already!)

7. No Dynos, sorry. But SCT claims a gain of: 8fwhp & 11ft-lbs
04 SVT-F|SCT-Xcal3|CFM-65mmTB, STS, Tq Mnt|MSD coil 8mm wires|K&N drop-in|Mintex pads|
04 V70R|2.5L-T5|6MTX|Bell FMIC|Evolve 3.5"DP-3"CATback|IPD tuned|308 AWHP & 363 tq. @21psi(stock turbo)
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Old 02-19-2008, 05:04 PM   #77
i wear no pants
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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Location: The Lou, MO
What I Drive: '11 OBP WRX Sedan

Posts: 17,506
FF Reputation: 104 besthaticouldo Excellent Standing Memberbesthaticouldo Excellent Standing Member
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1. - Ray

2. SCT xCal II

3. $340

4. about 450 miles

5. install was simple. took a while but very simple. the change in the car is so drastic its unbelievable. the idle dies immediately. no hanging revs. no bog anywhere in the powerband. screams to 7550. love the way the car performs now. it drives like it should have from the factory. it pulls like crazy and you can hear it switch over. the exhaust tone is vastly improved. i love the tune. they did a great job.

6. Ray was great. he usually is. the tune is top quality. they did a great job. thanks for everything. if i was staying NA i would have them do more tuning. but since forced induction has come ive been forced to go somewhere local. but thanks none the less guys. i love the car now.
remember that building a car shouldn’t come from parts it should come from deep inside your soul. let the car speak for all the emotions, memories and experiences youve made and the car will take a life of its own. truth over fame.
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Old 03-05-2008, 03:42 PM   #78
Focus Rookie
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What I Drive: 2002 svt blue, SVT Focus

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svt tune

1. I did my tuning
2. X-2
3. 225$ (I love ebay)
4. 2-3 weeks
5. very good improvements, over stock. the car from about 2500-3500 RPM is just damn scary. I have been tuning mustangs for a while now and I'm just getting into the focuses.
6. Hmmmm, well sometimes i get annoyed at myself but over all I'm a pretty good guy.
7.hoping to get it fine tuned soon. but I drag race alot my highest mph stock was 70.3 now im in the 71's
Um officer i couldn't have been going 100, 3rd cuts out at 98.
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Old 03-07-2008, 04:48 PM   #79
MW2 NE1?
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Join Date: Mar 2007
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Location: M-Dub, TX
What I Drive: 04 cd silver svtf

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Buy-Sell-Trade Rating: (5)
1. Toms tune-

2. diablosport predator
3. $410 with paypal
4. just receieved it today
6. answers pm well
7. N/A
#910 OF #1978

just call me beaver

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Old 05-19-2008, 05:26 PM   #80
i wear no pants
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Fan#: 26970
Location: The Lou, MO
What I Drive: '11 OBP WRX Sedan

Posts: 17,506
FF Reputation: 104 besthaticouldo Excellent Standing Memberbesthaticouldo Excellent Standing Member
Buy-Sell-Trade Rating: (23)
after a dyno...and a lot of miles

im not happy with my tune.

its rich. it hestitates a LOT when cold.

it doesnt run very smooth. there are a lot of small bugs
remember that building a car shouldn’t come from parts it should come from deep inside your soul. let the car speak for all the emotions, memories and experiences youve made and the car will take a life of its own. truth over fame.
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