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Old 01-24-2005, 02:16 PM   #11
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What I Drive: 2002 CD Silver SVT

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The SVT is not really a good first car in my opinion, I have had several cars (BMW 320i, Nissan 24Z pickup, BMW M3, Toyota MR2 Gen-II, Eclipse GSX. Subary Legacy) and the SVTF seems to be one of the most fragile to me, it's okay in inclement weather, but not great, it has some little quirks and if you drive it hard, or neglect to change the oil, watch out for potholes, etc it can have some major problems. Further, I'm not sure you should be learning to drive stick on a car that already has a TSB out on the clutch and a touchy transmission. Though you may be able to get your clutch replaced after you burn it out... I don't know, maybe you should look for a loaded ZX3 or ZX5 (non SVT) with leather if you are really set on a fOCUS...or maybe you should get something a little more dependable and a little less touchy.

Whatever you do, stay away from the Sentra SE-R, I have had two friends who have owned them and both could drive, both totalled them in the rain, that car SUCKS in the rain.
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Old 01-24-2005, 02:57 PM   #12
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well are the trannies on the svt delicate? can they not take the power...? or is it just that they die if you slam them and powershift? which by the way i would NEVER do.... even on my ATV which could easily take that kind of abuse on the clutch i refuse to do it to gain the 3 tenths of a second. or did you mean touchy as in missing gears and soft engagement?

whats this about going over pot holes? suspension components weak? I dont abuse my stuff, but im not going to totally baby the thing either. (this car *GULP* will be left outside year round... we only have a two car garage and seeing as how ill be living with my parents for at least another year, its not going to be garaged)

This by the way will not be my first car (or did you mean first MTX car?) i have had my license for 3 years (got it really early) and had a 96 ram sport for two years, and then this corolla for the last year.

Can anybody take a gander at the black svt link i posted above and tell me if those are aftermarket, or HID lights? im hoping they are hid, and not aftermarket (aftermarket stuff dosnt guarantee it was thrashed, but most people around here that modify their cars beat them pretty badly, especially the 18-25 crowd)
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Old 01-24-2005, 09:08 PM   #13
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yea they are the stock HIDs
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Old 01-24-2005, 09:10 PM   #14
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ya thank, i actually just purchased that car (the black one) it was a pleasant surprise to find out it also had the audiophile system :)
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Old 01-24-2005, 09:18 PM   #15
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the clutch was just a poor design, if it goes or not is dependent on the particular car, not your driving habits. I drive like the speed-obsessed person I am and 13K later my clutch is fine...others have had their clutch replaced after a gentle 3K miles. The new clutch ford puts in has been entirely redesigned.

the actual transmission, on the other hand, seems to be fine.

The potholes issue is due to low-profile tires on soft wheels. potholes=blown tires and bent rims. Be careful!
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Old 01-24-2005, 09:41 PM   #16
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I think the svtf handles about as well as most everything else ive driven in the snow, unless youve got slicks on driver caution and any car will be fine in the snow, certianly snow tires, awd and a variety of other things would make it much nicer but for a fwd kinda light weight car i think its fine
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Old 01-24-2005, 11:38 PM   #17
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Re: SVT-F the right car for me? what to do....

Congrats on the purchase! Perhaps we'll be meeting in the future!

im 18...going to school, need a decently cheap car (definatly not over 15k...prefer around 13k) that will be VERY reliable, and have great power/handling. I have looked at tons of cars (cougars/eclipse,sentra type r, srt-4 etc etc and the focus seems the best for me...I THINK)
Some may say the SVT is reliable (esp. the 2004's), but others have had nothing but problems. Hopefully you don't have any problems!

I have every limited experience with a clutch... i have maybe 2 hours total time in the past 4 years with a car clutch. I have a ds-650 atv that i have no problem clutching for any situation, but getting my left foot to feather and not make me look like a moron has been a challenge in the past ;) I feel i want a manual tranny 90% because i like to be in control of the car, choosing gears for accelerating, downshifting and just being "ONE" with the car. (one thing i hate about my dads ATX se focus is if i accelerate slow in 1st, then let it shift slow to second and punch it it takes forever to drop back to first and actually accelerate)
Everybody learned one way or another! I had a few hours in my friends Beretta 5 years ago, and a few hours at work driving the Ford L7000 truck with 20' flat bed. I haven't owned a manual transmission prior, or have I been properly taught (other than reading some stuff on the internet, and watching videos (guy in a BMW comes to mind)). I didn't have too much trouble at first other than getting the whole take off down. Once you're moving it's easier!

You should also practice downshifting. I like to blip the throttle and try to match the reves before downshifting so it isn't too jerky. Also, know at what speeds you can safely downshift into... I had some guy try passing me and I shifted into 3rd, when 2nd would have been better. I had my car for 2 weeks and didn't know what gear I should have used!

My questions are... does svt have to run on premium.... and is premium defined as 93? my local station (road ranger) actually has 89 as low grade, 91 as mid grade and 92 or 93 as premium. I was kind of hoping i could get away with running low grade or mid grade, without harming the engine (and i would rather pay the extra money then to buy a tune or somthing to get the correct timing on low grade)
It requires a minimum of 91 to run on. Don't let anybody tell you to run it on anything lower! There is a sticker in the filler door that says 91+ (also one with tire pressures). It may run on 87, but hopefully you knew it required premium before purchasing... if something would happen to your engine, they could test the gas and see it wasn't what was recommended and void the warranty, leaving you with a very expensive repair bill. Also, to get it tuned for 87 would be a waste! You are looking at $300+ to run on 87. It would take quite a few years to recoup the cost just to run on 87. You might lose performance too!

hard to drive? Obviously getting used to a clutch will take time and patience...but is it a PAIN? i know the svt isnt a torque monster @ 170hp and 145 tq....but does it bog really badly off the line? (if anyone has some quick tips for me by tomorrow that would help...i obviously wont be dumping it @ 4k while test driving it, but i dont want to make it fall on its face at every light
Other than getting used to the clutch I don't really know what to say other than to DRIVE. Take it on the back roads (ones that aren't busy) and practice taking off, practice up and down shifting, matching revs... if you want to get real technical heel/toe (don't really recommend unless you can drive)... it's almost impossible for me to heel/toe cause all I wear are steel tipped CAT boots!

Maintenance? This car will have a lot of stop and go (i live in a city of not HUGE...but definatly not highway) i would be traveling about 10 miles each way to school every day, along with a few other 5-10 mile trips around town. Can the svt-F hold up to this? is there any other special maintenance this thing needs other than the usual stuff? (special oil? what about synthetic?)
I have a 8 mile trip to work - 12 stops MAX, 2 if I'm lucky. No problems at all. I run Royal Purple 5w30 in my car, have been since 1500 miles (now have 5700). Can't really say it's done much, but I want to spoil my car with good stuff and keep on top of maintenance.

I know this post is excessively long and filled with random information, but if anyone can make sense out of it and give me some tips and info it will be very much appreciated!
Relax! Rome wasn't built in a day! The only way to learn, other than the almighty search button, is to ask! Some questions are asked many times a week, if people feel like posting in the thread it's their choice. Be glad you got many replies!

Well, I have to say I like my SVT ZX5. I have the HID's, which everybody says they are worth the $450 option versus the $900+ that Ford wants. I love the way it handles, looks, stops, but I wish it would have more power (which I'm working on slowly) and the sound system. I didn't hear the Audiophile sound system, but it's supposed to be VERY good. I knew I was going to go aftermarket, and got lucky my SVT didn't have it!

One thing I will recommend is getting some tires for winter, preferrably a different set of rims and snow tires!
Give the toughest job to the laziest man and he'll find the easiest way to get it done.
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Old 01-25-2005, 10:20 AM   #18
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You guys are great here (its hard to find forums these days without 90% of the members being A-holes that arnt interested in helping anyone)

I apologize for probably making a new thread on things that are covered weekly, i just had so many questions all at once, and only found a few answers in search.

I am having it checked out by my local small auto repair shop (family freinds) and as soon as the OK is given, we are going to go pay.

Im a bit queezy about the price...being 15k out the door, because i know its a bit high, but hopefully not too much.

they were originally asking just over 14,500, our final agreed price was 13,800 plus the almost 1k in tax and title/lisc/doc it comes out to 15k even.

I checked black book at the local shop (just came in the mail today i guess) and it shows good-excellent condition as 12,500-12,800. I would definatly rate this car as excellent, but im wondering if we are still overpaying. (since 12,500 is wholesale, they are making 1400 over wholesale, assuming that is what they gave the person who traded it in)

for anyone that knows a lot about used car dealerships and profits does that sound close? I know they usually try to make like 500 or so, but i guess seeing as how this is a semi-rare vehicle (and the only zx5 i could find) im pretty sure its worth it.

Thanks again guys for all your help! i cant wait to take delivery and start driving. i dont really have problems with take offs, i think i just need to focus on matching engine rev speed to vehicle speed so it dosnt jerk. (sometimes im thinking ok im not revving high enuf before i shift...then it i try doing it lower, but then its too low... anybody know a good starting rpm to shift at to get used to it?)

lastly, i did do a couple hard starts, and boy did she bog! (but that was as expected as i read about the different starts earlier...) you can definatly feel the power at higher rpm, i just wish there was more torque (hopefully with a new flash/tune and some minor bolt ons i can gain 10 or so ft/lbs to help get her off the line. I also tried the TC, and wasnt sure which position was on or off...with the light on the dash on, i assumed it was OFF? then when the light wasnt on, if i gave her some power, the car would jerk a bit (killing the power i assume) and the light would flash and flicker at me.
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Old 01-25-2005, 10:55 AM   #19
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I purposely bought an svtf that had everything BUT the winter package (okay, that means I didn't get the EAP, so no recaros either), bc I had read so many complaints about the non-defeatable tc. If this continues to be a annoyance for you, I know there are threads on here that tell you how to 'pull the plug' on it. Obviously, I don't know how to do that, since I never had it to begin with.

This may also change the way you approach hard launches...btw, what flash/tune unit are you gonna go with?
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Old 01-25-2005, 12:21 PM   #20
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Originally posted by R00ST650
I also tried the TC, and wasnt sure which position was on or off...with the light on the dash on, i assumed it was OFF? then when the light wasnt on, if i gave her some power, the car would jerk a bit (killing the power i assume) and the light would flash and flicker at me.

Looks like you got the TC figured out.
Light on dash constanly ON, means TC is OFF.
If the light is OFF, but ocasionally starts flickering, means the TC is engaging.
BTW, even though you have it turned OFF, the TC does not defeat below 25mph.
That's part of the "bog" you're feeling.

The TC is bit tough to launch effectively.
Here's a bunch of threads to read.
Traction Control?
Feathering clutch
Starting off the line
Launching an SVT
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