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Oni 10-03-2005 10:34 AM

WRC Rally Japan
Did anyone catch it this weekend?

I was really disappointed to see Petter get caught out by that rock. I just saw him going around the corner, and I saw that rock. I was like, "Oh no , Petter, look out for that rock!" And then he hit and went straight into the trees. Did you guys see the brake rotor broken into two pieces lying next to that freaking huge rock? Also, did Petter bite it when the reporter asked him what happened?

I've never felt so bad for Petter before. He really deserved that win especially with his driving. Too bad he's only awesome on gravel. I think Marcus Gronholm is going to take second in the WRC (unless his car fails him) since there are two upcoming tarmac events. Which I have to complain really quickly, why did Peugeot drop the 206? It was dominating rally, and now their 307 is just getting its butt kicked most of the time. It's taken them almost two years to become competitive again when they had a dominating car. I just didn't understand that decision. I can't help but wonder how competitive Gronholm would be with Loeb if he were still driving the 206.

Anyway, Loeb's the new champion but no surprise there. I wonder if he's going to be like Tommi Makinen and win a consistent number of WRC championships. I don't like Loeb that much. He's make the sport not as much fun to watch. Poop on you Loeb and Citroen for being so good...

This smiley just makes me happy. [driving]
Is that a sequential shifter? Nice.

PapoSwing 10-03-2005 10:43 AM

I saw that damn rock on the road before he hit it and said to myself outloud 'Here we go!' No chance he could've avoided it. Petter was crying when they asked him about the incident with the rock, he's really had the worst of luck this year. You gotta feel bad for the dude, especially since he's always so upbeat and competitive in every stage.

It was a good win for Peugeot, having lost their co-driver Michael Park in Wales, I think they needed that. The 206 was due for replacement anyways (yes it was a great car), but don't worry about the 307 will be much better in 06. I hope.......

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