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Focus Frenzy 10-05-2010 10:09 PM

Rally MODS for 2001 focus se spi
I was just need help finding some cheap mods that I can get my car to get up and go. I am 17 and has around $400 to spend. Tips, Links, Suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Tyler T 10-07-2010 12:50 AM

The best bang for you buck is going to be a tune. I recommend a XCal from FSWerks. It'll run you just shy of $400 and you'll get more out of it than intake or exhaust. But to be painfully honest with you there isn't much you can do to get that spi to get up and go. Either focus on handling or sell it and get a Zetec or a Duratec.

zal 04-04-2011 02:03 AM

it truly is a sad state of affairs for us SPI drivers, while the engine is very torquey, ford has already wrung out most of the power from this ancient little engine. unless you go FI or engine swap, there will be no way to get power from your car. My focus is my first car, and i intend to modify it strictly for auto-x and you can bet that my first big step will be to put a zetec or svt engine in its bay, cause this spi will never get me anywhere. I would put your money into suspension, if you have the right model 300-400 into your suspension would give your ride dramatically better handling

eliaslincoln 04-04-2011 09:24 PM

$400 to spend to make it better at rally? Tires. if you can get a hold of some stock 15's throw some rally tires on them. or throw some snowtires onto any size rim you have. tires help a lot.

oh and after market end links cause the stock ones break. mine did.

mlbbaseball 04-05-2011 08:51 AM

rally isn't about power. obviously, you haven't done much rallying, if u like what block does, asesome, better have 10,000,000 in ur bank account and alot of spare time. you learn to drive a slow car fast. the 2wd championships are very often won by 1980's VW's w/ no more than 100 whp. learn to handle the car. save up for a rally coilover setup, then put on some skidplates for protection. you'll be fine that way. but if you truly wanna get into rally, go for the right mods, not the powerfull ones. you can't run boost your first year anyways in rally. (correction, 99% of people can't)

if i were you, i'd stay 100% stock, throw on a QUALITY set of mudflaps (not universal ebay crap) so you protect your paint, then get a skid plate. go to some rally crosses and get your skills up.

Geezer 04-07-2011 11:40 AM

^^^^ 400.00 isn't going to buy much in the way of performance improvements. I'd use the money to buy a helmet and the rest for rallycross entry fees. You'll learn how to drive and have tons of fun without having to spend much, if anything, on the car at all. After some experience, you'll know precisely what improvements to budget for.

mlbbaseball 04-07-2011 06:25 PM

exactly, spend time developing your talent! spend the 400 at 10 rally cross events (sign up fees) and then when you get to the 10th event, you'll know how your car handles and spank some cocky kid in an STI who thinks he's all that! Dillon Van Way took the 2wd championship HIS FIRST YEAR in RAlly America w/ a STOCK SVT. granted it has more power than the SPI, but he was going against 300 + whp vehicles and still won. its a drivers game in Rally, right now, your car is better at you than driving, so improve the driver and then improve the car. not visa versa. they always say the best mod is the driver! so take your time, learn the car and once you master the car on gravel, pavement and snow, then upgrade the car. for now, just do safety stuff and have fun in SCCA events!!!

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