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tb1999 07-12-2010 06:29 PM

New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the rain.
Here's a video of my friend Dave driving my car at NHMS in the rain on 7/10 with NER SCCA.

He's a veteran driver, and knows NHMS pretty good, but it was his first time ever driving my car. He really did a great job.

YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

We co-drove the car over the weekend's double event. He in ITE, me running in STU. I have to work on getting my video done. I was about 2 seconds slower than Dave, but it was my first time at NHMS. Turn 3 was really diffcult for me to handle, and I was not very comfortable with the downhill left hander.... But I had a blast, its great getting out to run on a new track. NHMS is very challenging.

The car is not fully prepped for STU, the new motor is still WIP (but my custom intake cam is on the way from Web Camshafts [hihi] and the motor should be done soon!) so this is still running just a stock used D23 engine with header and tuned ECU.

About 75% of the chassis mods are done to have the car built for STU, so maybe I'll have most of the work done later this year. I still need to drop some weight. I got my 15X7.5 Spilstreams finally. (FYI - just restocked, should have 12 in flat black left in stock) and I have worked on a few other weight reductions. So even though I added a splitter and rear wing this year, I'm still about 25lbs lighter than last year. (2625 with 3/4 tank and driver) I still have the heater box and sound proofing to remove, and want to go full lexan etc. I need to get closer to the 2430 lb minimum weight for STU & 2300 CC (its 2530lbs, but it gets reduced by 50lbs each for FWD and MacPherson strut suspension)

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