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yahoo1z 05-07-2008 09:38 PM

Pocono East Course lap time
please tell me your fastest pocono east lap time, and ur setup

my best is 1'25.8"
2000 zx3
SVT springs
22mm rear sway
front rear camber kit (but didnt do alignment at the time)
front rear strut bar
cai, catback, header, chip
all season tires

now i am building my focus from the ground up, and want to see if i can do 1'20"

konrados7 09-22-2009 09:56 PM

2000 zx3 with fr head,but on street tires,ecu was not well tuned yet 1.20 on east,1.07North

tb1999 09-23-2009 09:11 PM

this might help you......
1:19.5 on May 2, 2009 w/Motorsports NE.

I was running a TT with EMRA on the South Course that day (ran a 54.1 sec lap there)

Some friends invited me to run the Motorsports NE TT event, so I only had EXACTLY 3 laps on the the east course that day.

1:20.8 - 1:19.6 - 1:19.5

I'm sure I could hit a 1:18 flat after a full day of practice there, or even quicker since I have had the koni's re-worked as coil overs, and have tightened up the susupension settings a bit since May.[headbang]

Details on the setup used that day.......

D23 with stock internals, 68mm TB, no cat, FS stealth exh minus front resonator, F2header, mild port match, my cal using SCT PRP, quaife, 4.10 gears, full custom roll cage, koni yellows, H&R Race Springs, H&R 24mm front bar, Steeda 28.5mm rear bar, upper and lower strut braces from FS, carbotech brakes with stock disc setup from '05 ZX4 ST, Nitto NT01's 225/45/15 on 6.5" wide enkei's, 5 pt harness, momo race seat.

Gutted interior - 2650 lbs loaded with driver.

Estimated 155HP/150TQ at the wheels. (did port match and more agressive timing and 4.10 gears after dyno run @ 150HP/145TQ)

Alignment was about -2deg camber, 3.4deg caster, 1/16" toe out up front, rear camber was about -1.9deg lt / -2.4deg rt, with .5 degrees total rear toe.

Track was dry, sunny approx 80F

Did I miss anything?[thumb]

I have also run on the North Course with the new suspension, -3deg camber, using kankook z214's and hit 1:04.55

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