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supersonicsvt 04-15-2008 03:53 PM

How does a Powerworks ZX3 hold up on track?
Let's say 6 HPDE events and a couple track days every year. Would it be reliable? Significantly shortened engine life?

What is the local consensus versus an SVT with PW? Versus a naturally aspirated SVT?

Schroeder02 04-15-2008 08:34 PM

I have a JRSC SVT and have done about 12 track days, 20 or so auto-x and have over 70K boosted. On time did I have an issue with the way the car ran on track but some high octane race fuel cleared that up.

Also I do no one person local that has a WP ZX3 and had been auto-x the car for a few year and just started doing HDPE’s and I don’t think he has ever had an issue.

My only suggestion it put some 100 octane or better face fuel it the car, it will help prevent any detonation do to heat that could build up on track. Spending an extra 60 buck in gas is better then having to get a new motor.

supersonicsvt 04-15-2008 08:53 PM

I would guess that the JRSC on an SVT would definitely need the race gas on the track. High compression ratio and hot inlet charge - bad combo! Glad to hear it still works for you tho.

My first pick for S/C would be a PW SVT because of the intercooling of the PW and the forged internals/oil squirters of the SVT engine. But if I used a ZX3 with an intercooled PW, I assume the motor would be okay for track stuff but still more susceptable to track-stress issues than the SVT motor???

WeeAsp 04-16-2008 02:20 PM

They work fine. No need to routinely run race gas for track events.

The ECM is tuned with the SC to run "pump gas" and really is no different on the track.

by way of example, a PWSC equipped ZX3 won the September focus Challenge at Summit Point last year.

Mike routinely does 8-10 AX events each year with the car and has no adverse affects with the SC.

You should be fine.

Schroeder02 04-16-2008 02:53 PM

One I don’t totally agree with people’s theory on JRSC building a lot of heat on track. As long as you have a good intake ie not short ram, and you’re getting decent circulation under the hood. It when the car sits and idles the SC and ITA temps are going to jump. If your running had and getting good air to the SC the only heat you’re adding to the system is from the SC pumping the air. I say pumping because a roots sc doesn’t actually compress the air like a turbo. The PW is defiantly a better SC I had the JRC long before the PW came out and probably even had 3” on it before the PW. I just don’t agree with people that thing the JRSC won’t hold up on track.

I disagree with not running race some fuel, on track most people I know with aftermarket turbo or SC will. It just an added safety factor, the focus motor wasn’t designed to be an FI motor. Depending on how the Valve cover vent and PVC system are plumed in the system you can get extra oil blow by and this can lower the octane rating of the car, and if you get some gas that may not be good. A little extra money for gas in not a bad insurance policy

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