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MattMarks 11-16-2007 12:55 PM

Spec Focus 2008 Rules Released

The Spec Focus Advisory Board and NASA has approved the 2008 rules. We’re very pleased with the changes that were made. There was not one single rule that was posted online or emailed to use, that we did not go through. Not all of them were approved by the board and some where not approved by NASA. Ford also provided much input on engine and other performance related questions.

The rules are available on the Spec Focus web site

Here’s a general list of the rule changes for 2008

Minimum Weight: increase (2.0L +25lbs and 2.3L +50lbs)
· 2.0L Zetec 2,600 lbs
· 2.0L SVT 2,600 lbs
· 2.0L Duratec 2,600 lbs
· 2.3L Duratec 2,675 lbs

Compression: has changed from +.50 increases to the following.
· 2.0 Zetec: 10.5 to 1 Max
· 2.0 SVT: 10.5 to 1 Max
· 2.0 Duratec: 10.5 to 1 Max
· 2.3 Duratec 10.0 to 1 Max

Throttle Body: 2.3L must use OEM TB Only. The others are the same as last year

HP-to-WP ratio has be omitted from the rules, Engine Claimer rule is still in place.

RPM Limits:
· Duratec 2.3 6800 rpm
· Duratec 2.0 7200 rpm
· Zetec 2.0 7200 rpm
· SVT Zetec 7000 rpm

Final Drive: has changed for 2.3L cars only, They can only use 3.42:1 and 3.82:1 only (No 4.02 for 2.3s anymore)
Part Numbers for 3.82 Gears
YS4Z-7F343-FA 3.82 Ring Gear
1S7Z-7061-AA 3.82 Output Shaft

Suspension: Spec Focus Damper and Spring kit from FRPP has been added.
Ford Spec Focus Damper Kit (2000-05) M-18000-ZXM
Ford Spec Focus Damper Kit (2006-08) M-18000-ZXM1
Ford Spec Focus Spring Kit (2000-05) M-5560-ZXM
Ford Spec Focus Spring Kit (2006-08) M-5560-ZXM1

Tires: R888 215/45x17 will be the official tire for 2008. Toyo RA1 in size 205/40x17 may be run until June 1st, aftwe which only R888s can be used.

· Any 17x7 inch OEM Ford wheel may be used. This includes SVT and Ford Racing wheels.
· Brakes: SVT Kits have been added for newer cars by FRPP. The brake system can be upgraded to any of the following components

· SVT Brake Kit M-2300-ZX3
· Ford Racing Rally Brake System M-2300-ZX3R
· SVT Front Brake Kit M-2300-SVTF4 (MY 00-05)
· SVT Front Brake Kit M-2300-SVTF5 (MY 05-08)
· SVT Rear Brake Kit M-2300-SVTR (MY 00-08)
· Ford Rally 15" Front Brake Kit M-2300-ZXR (See pic below)

Decals: All SF cars now must have Spec Focus Number Plates and Ford/Spec Focus Windshield banners. (price/availability TBA). They are like the ones that were used at Nationals.

Here's the number plate

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