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MattMarks 10-30-2007 07:15 PM

Spec Focus moving forward for 2008
Moving forward from a successful year in 2007, Spec Focus is getting cranked up for 2008. A couple of announcements that may be of interest to potential racers

First, In cooperation with NASA, Co-Series Directors Ted Severns and Leo Capaldi have formed a Spec Focus Advisory Board to refine and expand the 2008 Spec Focus rules. In addition to Ted and Leo, racers Chris Kisner and Matt Marks are serving on the on board. Initial drafts of the 2008 rules are in process with the publication date expected announced in the next two weeks.

The rules are being looked at with a focus on simplification, clarity, and cost reduction with the goal being enhanced competition and growing the series by encouraging new competitors.


To current and prospective racers, as there will likely be some detail changes that may affect your off-season purchases, so we recommend that you consider waiting until the final rules are published before making large, performance impacting purchases in order to properly budget for the year.

Also, please watch this space for news and announcements over the next couple of weeks. 2008 is going to be a great year for Spec Focus!

MattMarks 10-30-2007 07:21 PM

Further updates on rules:

Once posted, we anticipate a comments period of approx. 2 weeks after which comments will be evaluated and the final 2008 rules will be published.

As a rule of thumb - we're looking at:

1) Increasing series participation
2) Reducing costs
3) Ensuring level playing field between the various models of eligible cars

Expect to see a lot of detail changes to make the rules more clear and easier to understand, and to reduce contradictions. Also, there will likely be some (pending final approval) changes in weights and how HP/TQ are applied for each model engine.

Also there should be more suspension and wheel options and combinations.

The current 2007 rules can be accessed at

The Spec Focus web site can be accessed at

It's got lots of great information on car setup, how to get started in racing, as well as news and other information. Should have some videos from the national championships soon as well.

Please take a look and feel free to PM me for more information.


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