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chewbacca 04-12-2004 01:21 AM

can anyone tell me where to find these rims??
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i found this pic and i now i want the rims. i know they're O-Z racing but i couldn't find them on their site. any help would be much appreciated!!![paranoid]

MarlboroMan 04-12-2004 01:25 AM


those are racing rims, I dont think that they are available to the general public....

and if they are, I hope you have TONS of money to spend, as they are probably astronomicaly priced... as they are a dedicated race rim, really light and strong, and probably spected to meet WRC requirments....

I wish you luck tho

Zarelli6 04-12-2004 01:28 AM

yeah get ready to pull out the wallet on this one big time. if you do find them i would be suprised. and all the publicity those wheels get through rally racing will rocket them up further.

Silver_PZEV23 04-12-2004 01:33 AM

Just my opinion there kinda ugly... Unless your trying to make a copy cat WRC focus
my 2 cents

Zarelli6 04-12-2004 01:37 AM

OZ 4X4 Rally Racing Wheel

and the one you are looking for OZ Rally Racing Wheel

that is just info but itll be able to put a name to a face.

Zarelli6 04-12-2004 01:40 AM

i think the best shot youll have to get them is used from God knows who.

fokuzsport 04-12-2004 06:10 AM

wow, wrong forum.

good luck finding them, if you do let us know.

chewbacca 04-12-2004 10:06 AM

thx guys, yeah, i don't know what i was thinkin, guess it was a craving or somethin, i think i'm over it now though. thanks for your input though.

tjm73 04-15-2004 03:30 PM

1 Attachment(s) has them - 16"

$249 ea.

microtonal 04-15-2004 03:33 PM

They look like hubcaps.

I wonder what they weigh...

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