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UnYeasY 11-15-2005 06:15 PM

R34 Skyline Front Bumper with PIAA foglights included/installed
Anyone from around (or willing to pick up from) LONG ISLAND, an unpainted/primed R34 Skyline front bumper. I was looking to install it on my 2001 ZX3 since my bumper is cracked from a small fender bender. The Skyline bumper would look so nice on my Focus but I'm selling it and moving to CALI. Anyway..... If you look online the bumper sells at least $200 (not counting those E Bay scams where it says $80 and then $200 shipping). Included with the bumper are 2 large circular PIAA foglights already installed in the center. These retail for around $200 at the local shop here. If your planning on a body kit for your 2000 - 2003 focus this is the way to go. I hate to see my project go but HEY, i least i get to start something new in Cali

ANYWAYYYYYSSSSS long story short, unpainted R34 bumper with PIAA foglights installed for sale. NEEDS TO GO before i move to CALI

between the bumper and the lights i paid $375 but IT NEEDS TO GO.


ZX3guy2000 11-15-2005 06:20 PM

Could you post a pic so we know exactly what it looks like?

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