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WagonWanted 07-16-2005 12:12 PM

Want to buy a focus Wagon
I've enjoyed the look of the focus ever since it came out. I currently drive a truck, and have always driven one. So I am looking at purchasing the wagon over the coupe and sedan for its cargo space.

I have a couple questions that I hope you folks can help me with.

Can the wagon haul things? Such as a small motorcycle trailor and bike?

I do HVAC work so I know the interior has plenty of room for my tools and all. But I may need to haul around some HVAC equipment, no more than 1000 pounds, or my bike. And it would only be on rare occasions.

Are there any major problems, mechanical wise I need to be leary of?

I found a wagon on EBAY, and the bidding is really cheap, around $150 right now. But the car has 170K.

How many miles can I expect out of the engine and trans? Maybe people can reply with the really high mileage foci.

Do you think I should be leary of buying a focus wagon with 170K on the clock?

The vehicle will mainly be used as a daily driver to save on gas. And I will probably put some 17's or 18's with a 1.5"-2.5" drop. But that is really it for modding.

Thanks for your help.


2000FordFocus 07-16-2005 12:39 PM

The biggest thing I manage to fit into my wagon is a 32in Sony Wega with the box!

I love my wagon! Currently have 65000km on it and reliable, but than I treat my focus really well!!

penguin 07-16-2005 01:26 PM

"Do you think I should be leary of buying a focus wagon with 170K on the clock?"

Yes. Very leary. No, strike that. You should be very, very, very leary.

The Focus engine works rather hard and I would be Extremely reluctant to buy a Focus with that many miles. In fact, the only way I would buy one with that many miles is if (a) I couldn't come up with the money for anything lower mileage and need transportation, or (b) it was dirt cheap, I was only going to use it for short trips as a secondary car, and planned to fix thngs myself when they broke.

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