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deathbypsi 10-29-2013 04:08 PM

'01 2.0 will not start without starter fluid
My kid has a 01 SE with a 2.0 that has sat in the driveway for about a year untouched. It ran and drove when we parked it but shortly after that it would only crank and not fire. I assumed the fuel pump died from sitting {149K}.

Well I pulled it into the garage and as a test I pulled the intake tube off the MAF and hit it with some starter fluid. It fired up.....and never stopped. As soon as I put the intake tube back on the MAF it killed it. I pulled a code for the IAT and ran to the local yard and grabbed another MAF and swapped it on. Still no start with everything hooked up. If I pull tube off MAF and use the starter fluid it will fire right up and idle as long as I let it. But intake all hooked up it will not start or it will kill it if its already running.

THis make zero sense to me. When its running its smooth as silk and dead quiet.

freemind 10-29-2013 04:27 PM

Did you use a fuel stabilizer?

deathbypsi 10-29-2013 04:36 PM


I see no reason that would make a difference. Once I get it to start with the spray can it will idle perfect for as long as I want. Exhaust doesnt have a bad smell like if it was burning bad fuel.

As a side note, last year the last time I drove it was right after buying it for my son and I had just rebuilt all the brakes,new tires,new coil,wires,plugs,fixed the broken EGR tube and new battery installed. I moved it around my driveway a few different times with no issues this past summer.However it became a no start issue out of the blue about 4 months ago.

amc49 10-29-2013 04:43 PM

A quick check of air filter/housing can't hurt. people have found them clogged by like rat's nest before. Wiring or connector at MAF as well, the new part may not be getting recognized.

Fuel stabilizer can make car not start on the other side of the storage period, been there myself. I do not use it any more, created harder to solve issues than it fixed. Nowadays the car is vapor tight if the EVAP system is working, and you really don't need the stabilizer if so. Keep it that way and no moisture can get in to screw up the fuel especially if it has ethanol in it. I've now let a car sit over a year and it started right up with no issues at all.

freemind 10-29-2013 04:45 PM

Can you hear the fuel pump click on when you turn the key to the on position?

waraya 10-29-2013 07:56 PM

try starting it without starting fluid with the maf hose off to see what it does

deathbypsi 10-29-2013 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by freemind (Post 4913636)
Can you hear the fuel pump click on when you turn the key to the on position?

I dont think Im hearing anything but how do I explain it running once I use the spray can? It ran long enough to turn the fans on before I turned it off.


Originally Posted by waraya (Post 4913827)
try starting it without starting fluid with the maf hose off to see what it does

No start. Has to have the starter fluid and tube has to be off the MAF. As soon as the MAF has air pulled through it the motor dies.

waraya 10-29-2013 08:45 PM

the only thing I can think of is crank or cam sensor. when you try and crank it with the maf and all hooked up does it sound like it is out of time when firing.... little pops or anything?

deathbypsi 10-29-2013 09:11 PM

Cranks over fast,smooth and normal.

deathbypsi 11-03-2013 08:01 PM

Well its fixed. Turns out even though I could hear a faint sound of the fuel pump priming it must not have been enough pressure to start the car but was enough to keep it idling.

I cut a hole in rear floor today and pulled out a Ford replacement pump assembly dated 10/2006 and dropped in a new unit. New pump primes much louder and the car fired right up. Took for a test drive and all is well.

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