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dyn085 07-12-2013 10:53 AM

V-Maxx Coils- Install and Thoughts
Recently I've gotten a lot of questions about the V-Maxx coils. Due to their price-point, they are very tempting when it comes to lowering your car. That same low price also adds a bit of apprehension, as nobody wants to spend $600 and be unhappy with their end-result suspension. I'll try and cover a few areas and I will come back and edit in some pictures from my phone.

Product Arrival/Contents
The package that I received was pretty beat up. After getting it into the garage and opened up, I took an inventory of what was in the box and it appeared that I had everything I needed. I even had an extra piece that goes nowhere on our suspension, and checking with other V-Maxx owners confirmed that it didn't belong. What I definitely noticed was missing was an install/instruction sheet. Why it is not included is beyond the scope of my understanding, especially when compared to the fact that my Pro-Kit springs had one.

Relatively straight-forward. Even without an instruction sheet, once you've taken your OEM suspension apart it is pretty easy to see how to piece everything together. The only thing that I didn't initially see was that the upper spring perch for the front coils fits over the bottom of the upper bearing. There are tabs on the bearing (for holding the upper part of the strut boot) that some have removed, though you can force the perch over them as well.

Ride Quality
For the cost, my honest opinion is that the ride is pretty good. I don't know if I had mentally set the bar really low before getting them, but I was pretty surprised when I went for the first few drives. With that being said, you definitely know that you are in a lowered car. There are sections of road (or entire roads) that you are not going to want to go on anymore. I have pretty good roads where I live, but there are some areas that the car gets bouncy that I wouldn't have predicted. I'm pretty curious as to how well the 13+ hour trip is going to be on them.

Here is my problem with these coils. Despite what the specifications sheet says, there is only about .5" worth of adjustment in the rear. I can deal with that as I don't have a winter here, but for someone that wants a set of coils that can take them back to or closer to OEM ride height for winter-it isn't going to happen. Depending on how you assemble the front, you can raise it something fierce. But that brings up another issue in itself. Depending on how you set up the front, you can't even level out your fenders. If you're fine with reverse-rake then cool, but I wanted level fenders and assumed (based on the specifications provided) that I could find a good area that the front and rear matched up.

For comparison (though the differences are subtle), there is this picture-
Here is a picture of how my car sits right now-

In the first picture, both the front and rear are at max-low. The rear upper isolators are installed, along with the locking ring up front. In order to get them within .25" of each other (front is still high), I had to raise the rear to max and take out the locking ring and helpers up front. Not until after I had purchased and installed everything was it recommended to me that I should have purchased aftermarket pillowball mounts. I don't know how much it would affect the overall installation ride-heights, but it definitely is something to consider above-and-beyond the initial cost of the coils.

I honestly don't know why these coils are listed for the Mk3. I have sent a request to V-Maxx to contact me about fitment concerns, so we will see how that goes. I always wondered why no one on the forum would post much about the coils other than to contact them via PM or text, but after installing and adjusting I understood. I can't whole-heartedly recommend them, but on the flip-side I can't fully discount them either. I don't feel, especially with the listed specifications, that I should have had to go to the lengths I did in order to level my fenders. This compromises safety, and I will definitely be upgrading to a more expensive set in the future. I'm simply trying to give my thoughts and opinions. Any other V-Maxx owners can share any tips/tricks install thoughts here as well, as I am really curious to see their install pics/methods along with final front/rear fender measurements. If anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask them so that we can have an open-dialogue and get the information distributed to the community.

jdubhack 07-12-2013 11:05 AM

I share all of Duane's feedback concerning the V-Maxx coils.

I've ridden in cars with coils, but I've never had a set of my own, nor have I had to install them. Having previously done suspension the learning curve isn't sharp; it simply becomes a matter of what goes where. V-Maxx's complete lack of instructions, labels, and/or guides is pretty ridiculous for a product that costs upwards of $600. This wouldn't be that large of a problem if the system was specifically made for the Focus Mk3.

Evidence to suggest it is not:

- Strut bearing does not fit into upper coil perch without a considerable amount of force.
- Leaving the helper spring in and installing the bearing negates the amount of low one can go.
- Either the helper stays in and the bearing is out, or vice versa in order to achieve "low."
- The mount on the front coil for the FSB link is welded into the bottom couple millimeters of coil, further negating low.
- There is no where to attach the brake lines, like OEM, on the coil. It haphazardly attaches and requires a zip-tie.

V-Maxx's website advertises some numbers that are, quite frankly, un-achievable. Duane has already mentioned this, but I'd like to elaborate. I bought the coils specifically for the ability to even the fenders, achieve a rake, and tuck. While tuck is possible in the back, and barely possible in the front, there is no-way to achieve level fenders as the coils come from V-Maxx. Because of the slope of the roof the trays on my bike rack are lower in the back. I had hoped to rake the car enough to level the trays with the ground, this would level the wheel wells too. That is sadly not going to happen without cutting corners and thereby sacrificing safety, not something anyone should have to do when they buy a $600 product.

I think the ride quality is pretty decent for coils.

I have reservations about recommending them specifically because they are not what V-Maxx advertised and anyone buying them with those expectations in mind will be disappointed. The lack of adjustment is really a sore-spot with me. Le sigh. However, if you buy them and just want moar low, w/o the ability to significantly adjust, then you will be happy.

I'd like to hear what V-Maxx has to say and whether or not they'd offer a refund or a possible solution given their lack of accurate advertisement.

Shade-010 07-12-2013 12:42 PM

I also emailed V-Maxx so we can get the issues remedied.

dyn085 07-12-2013 01:09 PM

If people could post some installed pics and ride-height fender measurements (level surface, ground-to-fender) I would appreciate it. I would like to see how people have set-up their coils (either out of the car or wheels-off) in order to achieve their numbers. I will get some pics of mine once it stops raining here and edit them into this post.

HornedFrog05 07-12-2013 01:28 PM

Thanks for the information guys, VMAXX was looking like a viable option for me due to the price point in the future. This definitely lets me take a step back and weigh all the other options.

Vince 07-12-2013 01:28 PM

Not the sort of thing I was hoping for in this thread as I'm awaiting to get my V maxx coilovers on in a couple of days.

Hopefully a solution will appear before have mine off.


Shade-010 07-12-2013 01:33 PM

We at RDC are working with V-Maxx to find a solution to the addressed issues

sent from some beach :)

Joeywhat 07-12-2013 01:41 PM

It's unfortunate that these are not working...although based on reviews from other forums, with different vehicles this seems to be somewhat the norm. There's not a ton of praise out there for these, although the price point is very attractive.

What sucks is that it seems the only other options for quality coils are well into the $1500+ range.

jdubhack 07-12-2013 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by Joeywhat (Post 4806534)
It's unfortunate that these are not working...although based on reviews from other forums, with different vehicles this seems to be somewhat the norm. There's not a ton of praise out there for these, although the price point is very attractive.

What sucks is that it seems the only other options for quality coils are well into the $1500+ range.

I did find a set of K-Sport with dampeners, pillow mounts, and Mk3 specific fitment for $911.XX.

jdubhack 07-12-2013 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Shade-010 (Post 4806527)
We at RDC are working with V-Maxx to find a solution to the addressed issues

sent from some beach :)

Have they responded with anything?

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