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buzzsaw212 07-09-2013 01:13 PM

2001 zx3 2 driver side cents not blowing.
Hello everyone. Has the title states I have recently had a problem with the 2 vents on the drivers use not blowing air out on a/c or heater. It worked fine when I first got the car then just stopped suddenly. I can kinda feel a slight amount of air coming out nomore than an inch from it though. Any idea what it could be?[scratch]

rambleon84 07-09-2013 02:11 PM

do the other vents still blow?

Possible that a fuse blew, see here for some more info on which fuses to check.

TerryB 07-09-2013 02:58 PM

It's a simple duct system. You control the flow with the little slide tab on the front. If the right side still blows normally, I'd pop the left side vents check for obstruction. Or close the right vents and check the left.

buzzsaw212 07-09-2013 04:14 PM

All otheer vents blow fine

TerryB 07-09-2013 04:28 PM

Check for obstruction then. The vents pop off by lift and pulling the bottom ( I think, I haven't taken mine out in a while) towards you. Just use a little finesse. Maybe try a coat hanger or something else flexible.

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