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llama_in_a_focus 12-10-2004 04:46 PM

f/c intake manifold, should i buy it? please help!
i found a guy selling a new one for 300 plus shipping, my car has a kamakaze race header, truebendz flex, and a custom 3 inch exhaust. one resonator, one import muffler. screamin deamon coil pack and wires. 70 mm mass air meter, will get a 70mm t/body for the intake, and a 3 inch custom cold air or short ram intake, i have both so whatever you all think would be more benificial. thats all i can think of right now, so please let me know if this is a wise buy. also, i bought a fiberglass hatch about a week ago, and will be purchasing another focus to strip out and rally race and all of these parts will be going on it, it WILL be full race spec. so i need to know if i can use it on it or if there is anything better. one last thing, will this intake make any difference if i go turbo?

slammedfoci 12-10-2004 09:11 PM

I would not get it unless you are about to dump some real big money into that motor. Not much of a gain unless you do. 12-10-2004 09:34 PM

$300 is a pretty good deal for the manifold seeing how FC retails them for $699. If you intend to go turbo, it will be a very good match. Get it !

yellowbean00 12-10-2004 09:36 PM

i think i know what u are talkin about it is for sale on ebay and is running for around 100 dollars and u are the highest bidder right now.

Demon4545 12-10-2004 10:11 PM

I'd say cams and gears would be a better choice for performance, but if you're going nuts with the motor later, and don't think you'll find a better deal, it seems like a good purcahse.

imprtslyr0223 12-10-2004 11:22 PM

yeah if you can get it for 300 i would go for it. even though with your mods it probably wouldnt help it would be good to use sometime in the future if you turbo or something. for 300 bucks its a frickin bargain.

llama_in_a_focus 12-11-2004 12:15 AM

so i won't feel any difference?!? what all else will i need? cams?

Kicknzx3 12-11-2004 01:33 AM

That intake is designed for many changes, high compression a fully ported cylinder head, aggressive cams and serious tuning. Anything less than that and its a waste. 12-11-2004 10:15 AM


Originally posted by llama_in_a_focus
so i won't feel any difference?!? what all else will i need? cams?
Anytime you do the kinds of mods you already have and are considering, you should step the camshafts and install adj. cam sprockets and get the car tuned in on a dyno. Chances are the car is not ideally tuned even with the mods you have now.

fokuzx3 12-11-2004 02:00 PM

intake mani's arnt worth it blah!

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