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Fernando_221 05-07-2013 03:09 PM

Ecoboost 2.0 internals x Duratec 2.0 internals
Hello all,

I was wondering about the Ecoboost 2.0 internals into Duratec 2.0 block.
Is there any thread about this? The Ecoboost internals are more resistant and the engine has same bore x stroke of Duratec. I don't know about the rod jornals but I imagine it's same as Duratec, 50mm I think.
I think this engine can run 300whp safely, the ST has 252hp.


1turbofocus 05-08-2013 07:37 AM

Your far better off running the eagle rods and forged pistons , if they did the ST the way they did the Mazda boost engine it had a steel crank but the mains and rods were not the same as the Focus engine , sense this is basically the Mazda engine I would guess your going to run into the same thing


Fernando_221 05-21-2013 11:14 AM

You're right Tom.

Internals are very different. I ordered just only one rod from Ford. It's way bigger than the stock 2.0 rod. It's longer and stronger. I think it's about 10mm longer. It looks like Ford used the long block for this 2.0 ecoboost.
The crankshaft journal and piston pin are also bigger.

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