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Bobrob1986 02-10-2013 07:41 AM

2003 1.8 TDCi struggles to start/limp mode under heavy load
Please help! New to this forum but here goes...
Had this problem since new year when car first went into limp mode on M74 then refused to start. AA towed it to local ford dealership and since had new fuel filter, fuel pipe and battery, ran better for a few days but then problems started again! Car still struggling to start and goes into limp mode-mainly in 5th when putting foot down but can happen in lower gears. Even though our car is not fixed garage refuse to give us any money back after 2 weeks of having it, saying these parts needed replacing anyway. Now they are saying the engine has low fuel pressure probably caused by old fuel filter breaking up and clogging engine and will need to be taken apart to clean - costing us more than what car is worth!
Original codes read by the AA were P0251 and P1211 (and a third one which I can't recall), the AA repair man cleaned EGR valve out which got it starting again and said it was probably a faulty CAM sensor? However Ford garage haven't looked at any of the sensors or EGR valve as they say no fault codes are showing.
Worried that garage have not explored cheaper options first and just blaming fuel filter to get out of giving us refund and we don't want to pay 1k to have engine taken to bits when we could pay a fraction of the price to get car sorted! Ordered EGR blanking plate to rule this out. After reading numerous forums it seems like a common problem on focus's of this age but with a number of different solutions, CAM sensor, IMV valve, injectors? Can't seem to get much sense out of garage and to be honest their customer service is pretty shocking!
Any advise would be welcome as I don't know a way forward with this!

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