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Ma-fia 02-04-2013 01:26 PM

2002 FF ZX3 Composite rear light assembly wire coloring
I might have already bugged the mess out of everybody. Now I'll probably make everybody laugh.

Repeating myself: I don't have the car with me right now, it's in transit. I'm trying to figure out how to rewire a US car to match European standards, in advance. Yes, I could have looked at all this before I shipped it, but I did not have time to do that.

Does the following two pics have the wire colors on the US I generation 3- and 5-door Foci right?
I am kinda hazy if it's 3 connectors on the light assembly or 2. Looking at various confusing (to me) wiring diagrams, this is what I came up with:

Below are the pics of 100% correct wire coloring on European rear light assemblies. I have the actual pigtails from a 5-door 2002, and a full set of wiring diagrams for 2003, and the colors matched. I'm not sure how it goes with generations here in Europe though.

Obviously this is all done by a total amateur who can barely figure out shcematics (with help from people who understand them). [:(!]

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