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Donnyd21 01-30-2013 07:13 AM

NPR Pistons and Rings - Who is using them?
All I would like to know is if YOU have used them on a rebuild and if they are giving you any problems, ie burning oil, etc, also if you could tell me how many miles you have on them that would help to. I am not looking for people to tell me they "heard this or that", looking for people who have actually used them, thanks.

Edit- I have good NPR rings that were opened but not istalled on the pistons for $25 if anyone wants them.

jetrinka 01-31-2013 09:43 PM

Used a set of them and the rings they make rebuilding a friends motor for his CRX. Hes been driving it around for around 15k miles no with no problems. No smoking or anything. Seemed like decent quality replacement parts for the money.

Donnyd21 02-01-2013 09:54 AM

Well I did a ring clearance check and I need oversize rings, block was prob bored at one point, if anyone needs a set of STD new NPR piston rings I have these for sale for $30 shipped, pm me if interested.

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