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dlr47 01-29-2013 05:02 AM

engine turns over but will not start
2008 1.6 tdci, recently had the turbo replaced, engine stripped and cleaned as it had oil caked onto everywhere, the exhaust was dry, after 2 days fuel of driving it made a loud noise which sounded like something knocking, which got faster as i reved the engine, the engine has been stripped yet again, nothing obvious!!!
engine rebuilt but now, turns over but will not run, like as if its out of fuel, tried spraying deoderant and it tried fireing but obviously didnt run, tried bleeding many many times,fuel going into the pump but then back out through the return, there is no engine cut out switch as on some models, ive pulled the switch diesel solenoid switch off and tried testing it but cant tell if its operating or not, please only had the car 8 months and its been in bits for the last 2

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