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ChrisRobin 01-27-2013 06:25 PM

Formula or rule of thumb for adjusting rear camber arms?
I'll be getting a set of adjustable camber arms for the SVT because right now with how I'm lowered (barely a finger gap), I'll be eating the inside of the tires.

When I do get them, I'll start by making them the same length as the stock arms. But, instead of going trial and error, has anyone figured out some sort of formula where a certain length of the arm will give a certain degree of camber??

example: adjustable arm being 5mm longer than stock will give 1 degree of negative camber.

felixthecat 01-27-2013 08:44 PM

Do they say to start w/ any amount of threads out? When I installed my cfm lca's, I started out w/ 1 additional turn out then what the instrutions said. I was setting up my car for more negitive camber. I have the eibach sportline system, & I don't have any tire wear as far as camber. I have more camber up front then the rear, for I don't have any camber bolts or arms in the rear. How is your toe? I'd set your toe w/ a little negitive up front & a tad positive for the rear.

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