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herenow 01-13-2013 05:35 PM

cv joint /drive shaft replacement 2001 zx3 Hatch
I have a clicking sound that is very loud when I turn left or right. The sound is very apperent on cold days. It seems to be coming from the right passenger CV joint.

I noticed the sound very faintly 2weeks ago. Now it will be the third week, and the around is very very distinct. How long can I drive on with the bad CV , untill i locate which axial is bad and replace it??

A)How can i find out, if it is the left or the right, ' CV joint / drive axial 'needs to be replaced.
B) does someone have step by step instructions? I wasn't able to locate anything on youtube or online.

2001 ford focus hatch ztec / one CV joint drive was replaced year and a half ago with a part from Autozone.

(P.s.-i looked at both archives and prior threads, unable to locate instructions)

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