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greg hazlett 12-09-2012 06:08 AM

Installed the Steeda FSB and the Mazda 3 RMM today
Picked up the Steeda FSB to compliment the Steeda RSB I bought and did the install; I used the directions from Ford and if you are going to to do this install yourseld you need to have an air compressor and sockets up to 21mm; this was not an easy process and involves dropping the K member pretty low after you have everything unbolted as that is how the sway bar is removed, from the rear of the K member.

I messed up my passenger side tie rod end during the removal so I have to get a new one, luckily they are under $20 from Rockauto and then need to have it aligned.

The RMM was easy to do since I was doing the FSB at the same time and the initial impression is it help. The car seems quieter, idles better and is an overall solid piece. For under $50 so far it seems like a good investment.

Can't comment on the FSB being a worthwhile upgrade as I am not going crazy with the car with the damaged tie rod end; it was $159 shipped from Steeda so while the price isn't bad due to the involvement of the install I can't recommend it.

BetaDnB 12-09-2012 07:54 AM

I had heard the FSB is a pain. From what else I've heard is the Steeda FSB totally negates what the Steeda RSB does when running with the Steeda RSB and stock FSB.

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