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kenmaxwell 12-08-2012 07:00 PM

ford focus grinding,smoke, and burnt rubber smell
I have a 2000 ford focus se. dhoc.
i noticed a grinding noise coming from the rear, thought it might me the the shoe's,drums. i pull of the right drum a bearing falls out, when i looked at the new drums they are a little different. the old ones have what looks like a collar, which this bearing seems to sit in perfectly. any clue what is going on,

iminhell 12-09-2012 11:05 PM

I'll bet the "collar" is the 'Wheel Seal'. Try not to abuse the stock ones if possible. Replacements aren't cheap and so long as the stocks look good you can reuse them.

If it's something else you're going to have to post a picture of this oddity.

kenmaxwell 12-10-2012 03:18 PM

effing fords
well the collars were junk, I spoke with a Ford Mechanic he said the new drum with out the collars are okay to use, and that the collar is just a nuisance. found out the wheel cylinders didn't get changed out. and that was causing my promblem. well besided the fact its a ford

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