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ChrisRobin 12-02-2012 12:50 PM

Where to get Koni yellows re-built and re-valved
I know I can google it but I figured I'd ask around here too.

I have a set of Koni Yellows and right now, they seem to be working 'ok'. I have 400lb springs in front (on FC coilover sleeves) and 220lb springs in rear (on FC coilover sleeves). I suppose the rear would be the equivalent of having a 300-330lb or so spring on the control arm.

I wouldn't mind sooner or later having the dampers sent out to get revalved for heavier spring rates because right now, I'm close to the maximum rate the Koni Yellows can take.

Essentially I just want a little heavier damping and might as well have new seals, oil...etc installed.

Anyone have a contact somewhere that can rebuild these and not cost an arm and a leg??

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