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austinpetemo 11-29-2012 05:06 AM

Cheap roof rack
Found this while surfing and thought it might be of some interest. If anyone can put in some feedback on this I might have to add it to my list of future mods. Check it out:

02fordsvt 11-29-2012 06:32 AM

$108 isn't bad for a roof rack but shipping from the UK would be an absolute killer.

austinpetemo 11-29-2012 07:25 AM

$108 isn't good? In that case what is? Because the kona is quite a bit more....

Black00ZX3 11-29-2012 07:57 AM

Unless you want these specifically..its going to cost you about $135 factoring the exchange rate plus you are going to pay about $50-80 for shipping. For that kind of money I would buy it here and not worry about damages and waiting forever.

GreySkorpion 11-29-2012 09:15 AM

I think he meant to say its a good deal.

HilloNative 11-29-2012 12:19 PM

that is a good deal for the roof rack, but the shipping will be almost the price of the rack.

SVTisRight4me 11-29-2012 12:28 PM

u dont want to buy from the UK shipping will be a lot and if it has a problem or damaged it will be hard to return it

rambleon84 11-29-2012 01:05 PM

Well they don't specify shipping to non-EU countries but wouldn't hurt to fill out a parts request and get a shipping quote...

Report back with the rates [:)]

02fordsvt 11-29-2012 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by austinpetemo (Post 4475549)
$108 isn't good? In that case what is? Because the kona is quite a bit more....

Sorry man, I majorly failed there. I meant to say that $108 isn't bad. My mistake.

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