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klb32 11-28-2012 08:44 PM

ZTS clutch slipping after new clutch master cylinder
I have a 2004 ZTS with 95k miles. My clutch master cylinder was leaking clutch/brake fluid—it had been leaking a bit for a few months, but the leak recently got much worse—so I took it into a mechanic who replaced it. After getting the car back, I found that the clutch was slipping—not horribly, but definitely slipping. It's noticeable only if I’m in third gear or higher, I’m going slow, and I give it a lot of gas.

My concern is that the mechanic somehow screwed up the clutch. Is that possible? I took the car back to the mechanic, and this was his explanation (be warned: I’m not a car guy). The clutch has been going bad for a while, or the leaking clutch master cylinder caused it to go bad. Either way, while the clutch master cylinder was leaking, my clutch couldn’t fully engage (or something like that). And now that I have a new cylinder, the clutch can fully engage (or something about the new cylinder providing more pressure) and so now it slips. Does that sound plausible? The mechanic seems trustworthy and he quoted a new clutch at $700 or so.

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