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Top-Ace 11-12-2012 02:11 PM

Up to what year seats will fit into 2002 focus (North
Hello all,

I have done a bit of searching and I think up to 2007 seats will direct bolt into a 2002 ford focus no problem, but I need confirmation before I spend money on some.

I have a 2002 focus ZTS and it appears that the back of the drivers seat is actually bent, forcing the body to turn like 10 degrees to the right. It was a pretty (very) big dude I bought it from, so maybe he sat in it too hard or something. I dont think the lumbar dial is working either.

I need a new drivers seat for sure, and it would be nice to throw in a newer set of seats from a newer focus.

Do the newer seats have lumbar support adjustment too?

zx3_bmxrider 11-12-2012 04:25 PM

Moved to "MK1 Interior Mods and Upgrades." Just so you know in case you are trying to find your thread sometime. Cheers!

rambleon84 11-13-2012 12:31 PM

The seats from 00-07 will bolt in, i believe you will need to keep your seat belts and the harness. Anything extra like heat, side airbags, pressure sensor (for passenger seat on 05+) will have to be wired up/may not work.

zx3 seats will have the fold forward option due to the car only having two doors but that should be a moot point for you, so any should work fine. The most popular swap is SVT seats into non SVT models. Since you have a sedan some of the 05-07 seats for those are nice. Although sounds like you just need a working seat.

Top-Ace 11-13-2012 06:19 PM

Thats what I needed to know! Thank You! Now to find some nice wrecked 06's 07's in the Seattle area.

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