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WrinkledCheese 10-19-2012 06:18 AM

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of ironing out the bugs of my vehicle and I have an opportunity to get some deals on an ignition system.

I can get a set of plugs, a set of wires and an ignition coil for $100. I was looking around and it seems that the OE brands are probably best for my vehicle. The brands on the most of the parts on the car are Motorcraft. The guy at the local auto store said that Autolite or Motorcraft are the optimal components, but I wondered if mixing brands would cause any issues.

The Ignition Coil is Motorcraft and the plugs and wires are Autolite. I can get all one brand or the other, however it will cost me extra to get all one brand due to shipping.

The plugs are the Autolite Iridium Xtreme Performance and the other components are just standard OE parts.

Will I run into issues mixing Motorcraft and Autolite ignition components?

I can get the 4 Autolite plugs for $5.72, the Autolite wire set for $5.80 and the Motorcraft Ignition Coil for $64.82. Shipping is $30.82. Its so cheap because I get a mail-in rebate for $2 per plug and $10 for the wires. The wires are also half the price of the Motorcraft ones to begin with.

To get Motorcraft plugs and wires it would be $20 for the plugs and $30 for the wires.

BC_ZX3 10-19-2012 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by WrinkledCheese (Post 4413199)
Will I run into issues mixing Motorcraft and Autolite ignition components?

Simply put, no. People do it all the time due to cost, brand preference, parts availability, etc.

amc49 10-20-2012 02:32 AM

Go for it, it'll work fine...........

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