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stockton-fordman 10-09-2012 07:09 PM

how do i swap a 2.0l sohc to a dohc zetec 2002 ford foucs
ok well i dont have to tell you guys i am anther vic of the droped val. seat
we have a lot of money tied up in this 2002 ford foucs and we dont want to replace motor with anther sohc and and saw someone saying they did a swap
i wanted to first know what years will the car be interchaneable i think now with sohc it is 00-04 will it be same model years for donnor car? also what parts will i need off of donnor car? and does anyone know of a wreaked foucs near the stockton ca area? thank you all in advance

drunkyoda 10-09-2012 07:20 PM

there are tons of threads on this. do some searching and if you need some more help post a thread with more specifics. i know i have posted this plenty of times.

i believe it was 01.5 they changed some stuff in the focus. if you have a car before than you want to find a donor car from before then. if you have a car newer then that (as you do) then you need a newer donor car.

do some research and make sure it was 01.5

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