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thehun 09-24-2012 01:00 PM

Uni Filter
Well guys,

I am going to try something different. I am going to mount a Uni Filter UP4275ST 2.75" ID x 4" in length filter into my 12 Focus while still utilizing the OEM air box.

Reason I went with the shorter dimension filter is that it will allow the filter to get literally a 360* of air...and now that air will also be drawn from the huge 6" opening in the front of the air box.

The filter length of 4" is used to mount the filter deep inside the box to prevent water from being sucked in.

I ran this same filter in my 06 WRX that supported over 400WHP so I am sure this will be plenty of filter for our Focus. It is also a dual stage filter so filtering out dirt is a breeze[gunfire][gunfire][gunfire][gunfire]

Justintoxicated 09-24-2012 01:28 PM

what no pictures?

thehun 09-24-2012 01:57 PM

Waiting on filter to come in

jdubhack 09-24-2012 02:29 PM


TboneZX3 09-24-2012 02:43 PM

I've been looking at the UP6275ST filter to use with my K&N intake. It is this same filter, only 2" longer. Please post your impressions when you get it!

thehun 09-24-2012 05:03 PM

Should be here hopefully by the end of this week. I have had great luck with UNI filter on my WRX

Brabs_Weather 09-24-2012 05:34 PM

I am surprised that no one has used the ITG filter that FSWERKS has on the website. Even the itg drop in 15BH-262, which cost 85.00.

I used the RX-4870 modified the top of the air box. Looks like this.

BetaDnB 09-24-2012 06:46 PM

That is a pretty sweet filter, Brabs. I wish I would've known about it a couple weeks again.
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TboneZX3 09-25-2012 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by thehun (Post 4371086)
Should be here hopefully by the end of this week. I have had great luck with UNI filter on my WRX

How often did you find yourself needing to clean the UNI when you had it on your Subie?

thehun 09-25-2012 09:27 PM

Maybe once a had the prefilter on it...i cleaned the prefilter every oil change (does not require oil)

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