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mercuryman788 09-23-2012 09:29 AM

Rear subframe for SVT w/ Brakes
I went to purchase used SVT brakes off of a guy on here and wound up just grabbing the whole rear subframe with brake lines and ebrake cables. I know one thing that is involved with our brake swap in resizing the rear holes in the spindle to make up for slack in the 08 rear trailing arms. Looking it all over, it looks like the whole rear trailing arm will swap right in place of mine. Plus the bushing look almost new.
The other thing I'm considering is swapping in the whole subframe so I can gain the proper rear sway bar mounts. Since I already have the Steeda mounts, it seems a bit excessive to replace it all (especially since I'll have to get another alignment). I figured since I do have it, I can take the time and get it done the right way and avoid any potential issues.
So it sum it all up, I'm looking to replace my rear trailing arms and subframe with the SVT units. I would be reusing all of my other rear arms since the other bushing seem pretty worn. Let me know if anyone has any experience with this or know of any reason why it wont work. Also, if I decided to upgrade the rear trailing arm bushings, how much of a nightmare is that? Thanks.

indy_11 09-23-2012 02:18 PM

don't think anyone has so you would be the first

st12131 09-23-2012 05:50 PM

From what I can tell, it all should swap right on over.
Bushings in general can be a PITA to swap, just get the right parts, clear out a weekend and have at it.

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