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Stevick 09-02-2012 10:15 PM

What is the difference between different intake and filters?
I'm thinking of getting a K&N typhoon system but I broke down and bought a Spectra filter. I needed to replace the filter so I got the Spectra I'm looking at getting a Spectra system instead of the typhoon system but I just want to known what's the difference between a spectra intake and the typhoon and the difference between the filters?

Andrews-bad-SE 09-11-2012 02:46 AM

The Typhoon system will be a lot better for your car only because it's made to be. K&N has a long history of being good in that area (at least that's what they say. Heard no complaints though). If you're going to do the build-your-own Spectre thing, just make sure you don't lay any plastic parts on anything very hot, and you'll be good! I had a short-ram one that I made and it was good for what it was. Sounded great. But, one thing that I didn't do was build a heat shield. You definitely want one of those lol.

P.S., have you tried looking at a Volant, FSwerks, Steeda, Factory Tuned, Injen, AEM, anything like that? K&N systems, while nice, can be pretty pricy.

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